Men’s chino trousers

A pair of well-dressed trousers is something no man should be without in their wardrobe and for a more casual approach, the dressed men’s chino is the perfect option. It’s a perfect in-between garment that can easily be dressed up, or down depending on the style and occasion. 

In our opinion, a pair of made to measure chino trousers should have a waist that extends a bit below the navel, partly to free up mobility and to give the right proportions if you want to wear them with an odd jacket.

The width of the chinos is highly individual for you as a customer and it depends on what you feel comfortable wearing, but at Blugiallo we always advocate for a more generous fit, at least in comparison to the latest years of ”slim fit” style. A wider pair of trousers usually contributes to a nice balance in terms of silhouette. It also means a nicer fall from the waist down to the end. The fall of the fabric is affected partly by the width but also by the thickness of the fabric. A coarser fabric usually falls more straight than a thinner fabric. 

The width of the foot opening is also something that can be adjusted for made-to-measure trousers and can be based on your personal preferences. From an aesthetic point of view, we always opt for a more generous fit and wider opening for any chinos for men.

During the measuring process, we will go through all options and styles available and make sure we find a good balance between your personal style and what we believe will bring out the best features for your unique body shape.  

Chino fabrics and design

The level of formality for trousers is often determined by the fabric and design. You can find our chinos for men available in different fabrics such as cotton, corduroy, and moleskin. The washed 310g cotton is perhaps what is most associated with the classic men’s chino trousers. 

Even though the men’s chino trousers are seen as a semi-casual piece of garment, there are easy ways to create them to look more semi-formal. Adding a single pleat and side adjusters instead of belt buckles is definitely the easiest way. With the side adjusters, you will achieve a stylish waistband and the pleat contributes to an overall well-dressed silhouette. 

How to wear a pair of chinos

If you’re looking to get your first pair of chinos we would definitely recommend going for a pair of beige ones. Design it with belt buckles, single pleating, and a 4 cm turn-up and you will have a pair of chinos suited for all casual and semi-formal occasions. Combine it with a shirt and a jacket for a tailored look. If you want to have a more casual approach you can easily style it with a t-shirt and a knitted polo on top. 

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