Custom tailored trousers

In our opinion, custom tailored trousers should have a waist that extends a bit below the navel, partly to free up mobility and to give the right proportions if you want to wear it with another jacket. The width of the trousers is highly individual for you as a customer. The width always depends on what you yourself are comfortable wearing, however, there are some aspects that you should keep in mind about trousers silhouette and fit. A pair of trousers with a little more width usually gives a nicer fall from the waist down to the end. The fall of the fabric is affected partly by the width but also by the thickness of the fabric. A coarser fabric is usually easier to fall straight than a thinner one! The foot width of the custom tailored trousers is also a measure that usually divides us into two camps. If you look at the current trend that has followed the last ten years, we have had a narrower footprint than we have historically had. This recommendation usually comes in consultation between you as a customer and us during the measurement process. Here we take into account the rest of the pants’ width, your length and personal preferences. What sets the tone of the trousers’ formality is often the fabric and its design. An easy way to get a dressy upholstery is to choose our design options as a simple pleat and brass or metal buckle. If we get to choose, these design options are more of a rule than an exception, as a pleat on the trousers contributes to a finer case and side adjusters give the trousers a stylish waistband.

Custom tailored trousers are a key item in your wardrobe. There is a huge importance of fit, design choices and why you should have several different qualities and models of custom tailored trousers in your wardrobe. 


Trousers fabric and design

Under the category of trousers, our concept of soft tailoring fits in as well as the concept smart casual. The reason why the category ‘Dress Pants’ fits so well in most contexts, we will find out in this chapter. What characterizes the formality of pants is often the fabric and design. An easy way to get dressed up is to choose our design options such as a single pleated and brass or metal buckle. In many cases, we recommend that you wear odd custom tailored trousers that give the impression that it is not a separate suit. 


Fabric qualities 

Some fabric qualities should be found in the modern wardrobe. In order to give a helping hand in, we have selected three qualities that covers the most common needs throughout the year.

Cotton trousers – the perfect odd trousers for work and everyday life. To give the cotton custom tailored trousers formality, you as a customer choose advantageously design choices, pleated and brass buckle. These give the pants a tailored impression!

Traveler trousersare a high twisted wool which with its durability is the perfect odd trouser to wear with a jacket.

Flannel trousers – The single most distinctive seasonal trousers. The medium gray color is, in its soft and rugged surface, a perfect pair of trouser. The quality takes a natural step into the wardrobe during the fall and winter season, a winner in many ways!