Custom tailored suits

All of our suits are produced according to traditional tailoring principles with great attention to quality and details. The quality reflects our ambition of sustainability and longevity in each Blugiallo garment. All of our suits consists of a sewn half canvas construction as standard, featuring quality materials such as horsehair, linen and wool. This creates a garment that will shape (with wear) over time, giving it an even better fit than when new. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you want to learn more about our production and craftsmanship.

At Blugiallo we are proud to provide you with a comprehensive guide on custom tailored suits ahead of your upcoming purchase. In this department we give you all the details of our custom tailored suits and the service we offer.

Important to consider when buying a custom tailored suit?

What is important to consider when buying a custom tailored suit? We think it’s undoubtedly the design and construction of the suit. Choosing our full canvas construction is an investment that, in the long run, is well worth it when you decide to buy your custom tailored suit. The front of the jacket becomes structured with great formability and because of the fit and style preferences you’ve made, this will surely become your favorite suit.

Dress code – suits

At festive events such as a party or wedding, the invitation often comes with a dress code. Knowledge and etiquette is of course important, but sometimes the cover of the invitation can be difficult to interpret. Can you wear a blue suit to dress code dark suit? Does dress code jacket mean that you only wear an odd jacket with a pair of pants? Calm down, we’ll help you sort out the concepts. The dress code dark suit is read just as the term refers to, here applies midnight blue or black suit. Under the dress code jacket, you always wear a suit.

Work suits and everyday suits

Important meetings at work or pleasant dinner invitations offer opportunities to adapt the attire to the occasion. Our large department with business suits is well-balanced to facilitate your everyday life without compromising on style. If you want to tie up the tie for the evening but show your best self, then we think that a cotton suit is just perfect!

Custom tailoring

We always create custom tailored garments based on your preferences. Your measurements are gathered through a data driven process that are built upon measurements from over 10k bodies and over 20k produced perfect fitting garments. We put so much time and effort into our process that we are certain that our garments will fit you perfectly. That is why we have our fit guarantee in place for your first order. If it doesn’t fit we will have our tailors make the changes needed for your custom tailored garment. Since we always create a digital fitting profile in connection to your first order, you can easily place your next purchase with your measurement profile already in place.  Our digital service enables you to visit with us at any time of your convenience to build your wardrobe from the ground up in peace and quiet, if you need advice along the way we are here to help you of course!

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