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A olive green suit in cotton twill, custom made and selected for its versatility. The fabric weight contributes to an elegant drape, ideal for autumn, winter and spring. You can easily wear each piece of the olive green suit separately and effortless for a soft tailored look. Here combined with our beige crewneck but you can of course wear it with a crisp white royal oxford shirt and grenadine tie for a formal look. Or dress down with a pair of custom tailored denim and a pique shirt. A highly versatile piece of tailoring, effortlessly worn to a wedding or around the town during the weekend. The fabric belongs to our collection ‘The Perpetual Collection’. The Perpetual Collection is a collection of exclusive, specially selected fabrics where we have selected qualities that represent exclusivity, durability and a sustainable mindset. You can read more about our collections here.

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Care instruction: Leave your garment out to air dry. Avoid dry cleaning since it will damage the fibers and shorten the lifespane of your wool garment. Dry clean only when noticeable stains. Use a steamer gently to remove wrinkles.

 Take care of your garment:

  • Use a proper hanger. A good hanger will retain its shape.
  • Let your garment rest – preferably 24 hours after wearing
  • Rotating with garments in your wardrobe to maintain its durability

For general guidance regarding garment care, make sure to read our article Clothing care here

2 reviews for Suit iced cotton olive

  1. PhilP

    Bra kvalitet och service genom hela processen. Underskattad färg som används mycket, både som kavaj och byxa för sig. Valde plisseringar på byxan som blev snyggt till lite högre midja.

  2. James Archer

    Really nice fabric. Have worn it comfortably (unlined) during summer. Does seem to be durable. Very easy to wear with a range of items. Is perhaps slightly lighter in colour in real life than in the photos.

    Fit is superb.

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Olive green cotton suit

Our olive green suit in cotton is a versatile and stylish addition to any closet. Made from high-quality cotton, this suit is both comfortable and breathable. The green olive color is a unique and modern twist on the classic suit, making it perfect for any semi-formal or casual occasion. Whether you’re headed to the office or a night out on the town, this green olive cotton suit is sure to impress.


An olive green suit for men is a versatile and stylish choice for casual, semi-formal or formal occasions. As mentioned, the green olive color is a modern twist on the classic suit and is adding a touch of personality to your outfit. The matte surface contributes to versatility as you can wear it both as a full suit and as separates.

However, it is important to consider the level of formality when choosing the right accessories and shirt to wear with olive suits for men. For a more formal look, pair the suit with a crisp white royal oxford shirt, black oxfords or penny loafers, and a grenadine tie. For a semi-formal or casual occasion, you can opt for knitwear instead of a shirt, and less formal shoes, such as suede loafers or sneakers. Overall, the green olive cotton suit is a stylish and fashionable option for most events.

The fit

A cotton suit should fit well and feel comfortable when you wear it. The jacket should have a clean and neat silhouette, with the shoulders fitting well and the sleeves falling at the right length, slightly showing about one centimeter of the shirt. The lapels should lie flat against your chest and the buttons should be able to close easily without pulling or straining. The trousers should fit smoothly around your waist, with the waistband sitting comfortably and the legs falling straight down.

Since all Blugiallo garments are custom made, based on your preferences, we will create a personal fit for your cotton suit. The fit will be adjusted based on posture, circumference and lengths. We prefer to wear an olive green suit for men with a slightly more classic cut. Leave room for comfort, both in the jacket and in the trousers. A green olive suit is great to wear with a higher waist of the trousers, both in terms of style and comfort.

How to wear it

An olive green suit for men is more versatile than you might think. Depending on how you style it, the olive green suit can be worn for both formal and more casual occasions. As mentioned earlier, a white royal oxford shirt is a good choice to pair with an olive cotton suit. This will create a quite formal, classic and sophisticated look. The matte surface of the cotton fabric, and the subtle texture in the shirt harmonizes well with each other. Combine the suit with black penny loafers to complete the look.

For a more casual approach, wear the olive cotton suit with knitwear instead of a shirt. The knitted crew neck cashmere silk is a great option for a casual styling. The sand tone is a beautiful combination with the olive green suit and the rounded neckline will contribute to a casual appearance.

Green suits for men in general, and the olive green cotton in particular, is great to break up and wear the jacket and trousers as separates. Wear the olive green cotton jacket with a pair of beige chinos in heavy cotton twill and an off white knitted piquet shirt for a smart-casual appearance.

For a casual, yet elegant, look wear the olive green cotton trousers with the white supima cotton T-shirt. This look is perfect during spring, summer and early fall when it is warm enough to leave the jacket at home. Afraid of getting cold anyway? Just add the beige cotton shirt jacket and you will be good to go.

Garment care

Caring for your olive green suit for men in cotton is not too different from caring for other suits made from natural fabrics. Here are some general guidelines for keeping your cotton suit looking its best:

· Brush off any dirt or debris from the suit before hanging it up or storing it. This will prevent the dirt from grinding into the fabric and causing permanent stains.

· Hang the suit on a proper hanger to maintain its shape. Avoid hanging the suit on a wire hanger, as this can cause the shoulders to stretch out of shape.

· If your suit is wrinkled, you can steam or iron it to remove the wrinkles. Be sure to set the iron to the appropriate heat setting for cotton and use a pressing cloth to protect the fabric from scorching.

· If your suit needs to be cleaned, take it to a professional dry cleaner. Never wash the suit at home, as this can cause the fabric to shrink or the colors to fade.

· If you do need to spot clean your suit at home, use a gentle detergent and lukewarm water. Be sure to test the cleaning solution on a small, inconspicuous area of the suit before applying it to the stain.

In general, it’s best to take good care of your cotton suit and avoid exposing it too harsh conditions that can cause it to wear or fade. By following these simple tips, you can keep your cotton suit looking sharp for many years to come.


An olive green suit for men is a comfortable, stylish and timeless piece for any modern man. Whether you’re attending a business meeting, a wedding, or a formal dinner, an olive green cotton suit will make you look sharp and sophisticated. The timeless color and versatile design options makes it a great addition to any man’s wardrobe. So why wait?