Our new home

A unique experience and home for our extended family of Expressive Men & Women.

How it works

The process of Expressive Luxury

Our service include our signature, one to one approach. During your stay we discover the world of Expressive Luxury together in three steps.

ONE – Learning more about you, your style & preferences

TWO – Creating your unique BLUGIALLO fit

THREE – Designing your unique pieces, choosing fabrics, quality and design

The BLUGIALLO family

“We regard BLUGIALLO as our family. An open, diverse, welcoming and transparent place where anyone and everyone should feel welcome – no matter background or interest in clothing. Making sure we always make you feel comfortable and your wardrobe well taken care of is our top priority, and we shall continue to do so – with our best customer experience yet.”

– Alexander & Daniel, Co-founders

Private events

Our home is your home

Our new home offers an amazing setting for small groups of friends, colleagues or networks. Both for existing and new clients to discover the BLUGIALLO and the concept of Expressive Luxury.

Get in touch with us and we’ll arrange it.

BLUGIALLO is a family of sustainable likeminds


Expressive Luxury FAQ

Prices below are an indication from our core Perennial and Contemporary Collection. For our handmade Artisan collection, prices are completely unique depending on the craftsmanship (handmade elements) and fabric choice.

There is no extra charges for visits, personal consultations, design choices or other unique values of our service. 💙💛

Suiting €650 – €1200

Trousers €230 – €350

Jackets & Blazers €450 – €800

Overcoats €700 – €1200

Vests €300 – €700

Shirting €150 – €300

Knitwear €180 – €450

Jeans €220 – €350

For our new destination, we will have four kind of booking available as described and linked below.

Our current destination at Artillerigatan 6 will become ‘Atelier AG6’ and initially host existing client fittings as well as other exciting news moving forward.


Of course, our signature customer experience will of course be available both through our physical destinations as well as digitally. For online consultations, you will talk to one of our team members located at Birger Jarlsgatan 2. Online consultations are schedule here.

Our current destination at Artillerigatan 6 will still be active and become Atelier AG6, initially hosting existing client fittings as well as other exciting news moving forward.

We offer the following products, all custom made and with our signature ‘Expressive Luxury’ approach, meaning a optional, individual approach and choice in terms of fabrics, color, quality and design.

  • Tailoring including Signature cut;
    • Suiting
    • Trousers
    • Jackets & Blazers
    • Overcoats
    • Outerwear
  • Shirting, house cut and handcrafted from the very best fabrics
  • Knitwear programme including pure cashmere, cashmere & silk and cashmere & cotton
  • Jeans, handcrafted washed selvedge, raw denims and stretch selvedge