Tailored trousers

The formal trouser is our tailored and most detailed trouser version, crafted with classic tailoring in mind. The design is adjustable on three points, closing, pleats and finishing in order to keep a clean, tailored look with room for contemporary design, depending on the fabric, cut and individual preferences you may have.

Formal trousers

A pair of well fitted formal trousers takes a natural place in the modern man’s closet. By choosing the right fit, fabric and design the formal trouser for men contributes to versatility and a quite wide range of formality. It is a key piece for semi-formal as well as a casual office and it is easily worn outside work hours. Depending on formality, you can combine your formal trousers with everything from a t-shirt to a jacket. In the following sections we will break down some key points to keep in mind when choosing the right formal trouser for you.

· Fit

· Fabrics

· Design


Since all our products are custom made, the fit of your formal trouser is personal, based on your body and preferences. With that said, we are happy to share our thoughts regarding the “perfect fit”. In our opinion, the general trousers should have a waist that extends a bit below the bellybutton, partly to free up mobility and to give the right proportions if you want to wear your formal trousers with a jacket. The width of the trousers is highly individual for you as a customer. Narrow as well as generous width depends on what you are comfortable wearing, however, there are some aspects that you should keep in mind when choosing the trousers silhouette and fit. Formal trousers that get a little more width usually gives a nicer drape from the waist down to the end.

The drape of the fabric is affected partly by the width but also by the thickness of the fabric. A heavier fabric is usually easier to fall straight than a lighter one.


There are several aspects to keep in mind when choosing the right fabric for your formal trousers. In general, your formal trousers should have a brushed or structured surface as well as little, or no, luster. This is to avoid the feeling that you have just borrowed the trousers from your suit.

Season and formality are other aspects to take in consideration. Are you looking for a seasonal or season neutral formal trouser? Is the purpose to wear the trousers at the office or are you looking for something casual for the weekends? Let your needs and preferences guide your decision.

Seasonal vs. season neutral

Seasonal fabrics, like flannel and linen are great for formal trousers for men. They both work great as separate trousers, but also as a part of a full suit. They are designated for different seasons but are both key pieces in the closet. The flannel trousers are versatile and easy to combine with garments such as knitwear and jackets. When the flannel trousers get too warm, it is time for the linen trousers to enter the stage. Wear them with other linen garments and your casual summer look is all set.

If you are looking for a more season neutral formal trouser, we would recommend a wool trouser such as high twist wool. High twist wool is a bit more formal than, for example, flannel and therefor perfect for the office. Wear it with a royal oxford shirt and black penny loafers for a smart-casual look.


The choice of fabric will affect the formality of the trouser. A wool trouser tend to have a more formal expression than a cotton trouser. Flannel and high twist wool, as we have mentioned, are both great options for formal trousers for men but they are on the more formal end of the scale. If you are looking for something more casual, we recommend looking for a trouser in cotton, like moleskin.

The moleskin trouser is a perfect blend between casual and formal. The fabrics create a casual feeling, but the construction and fit is the same as your formal wool trouser. The balance between casual and formal creates a versatile trouser that is easy to wear for many occasions.


Combined with the fabric, the design set the tone of the formal trouser. Once again, keep in mind that your taste and preferences come first. The first design option is whether you want belt loops or side adjusters. The belt loops create a more casual expression and by wearing a belt you add an extra detail to your outfit. The side adjusters, in metal or brass (yes, we know brass is a type of metal), will create a clean and sartorial look.

Another sartorial detail for formal trousers for men is the pleats. If you are looking for a classic look, we recommend either single or double pleats. The pleats enhance the tailored feeling of the trousers and adds a little extra to the expression. A flat front without pleats creates a modern and slimmer look.

Last, but not least, you decide whether you want cuffs or not. A four- or five-centimeter cuff will contribute to a better drape and creates a nice finish towards the shoe. If you are looking for a cleaner expression, we recommend a straight finish.

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