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Anyone who wants the full BLUGIALLO experience in terms of quality, service and unique design. In some cases design is more important, and in some cases the fit or being able to choose quality or color. Either way, it offers the full flexibility for you as a customer. It is especially recommended for tailoring such as Suits, Jackets and Tailored trousers.

Great question! Fit is highly individual and although we are absolute experts in the field, it is also a matter of understanding your preference. The way custom made fit (made to measure) works is that we have a signature BLUGIALLO cut (usually what you see from our communication), so when we create a unique fit for you, this can then be altered to your preference.

It is hugely important for us to manage your expectations. A custom made suit or any other custom made product from BLUGIALLO will always fit better than an off the rack (standard size one) from another brand. This is key, along with the knowledge and understanding of what you pay for. If you are paying the price of a comparable ready to wear product (standard size), expect something better, but don’t expect a bespoke tailored garment, in which case you would have to pay up to five times more for. Custom made sizing, although we offer one of the markets absolute best and most deeply thorough ones, is not about counting centimeters – it is about creating a unique fit that makes you comfortable.

It is also important to realize that all people look different and therefore the end result of a custom made garments will always be unique. That being said, custom made garments are an absolute amazing feeling to wear and a unique one.

The concept of custom made can be experienced both physically via our showrooms, and also completely online, where you can create your unique fit and schedule an online appointment with one of our style advisors. We offer custom made for all of our products, from suits, shirts and dress trousers to jeans, chinos and our knitwear. If you are new to BLUGIALLO and want to experience Custom Made, you can book a time with us here.

The best part is that we’re not. Our approach is to learn who you are, and then recommend style and products from that. Our reviews and customer stories tell you the rest.

No, the clothing interest of our customers varies a lot. Some simply want to be catered to and save time and effort around their clothing choices, while some customers want to spend more time choosing design or fabrics for instance. Our service caters to both and all.


Signature made is a good choice for everyone looking for convenience and flexibility and who’s interested in our signature BLUGIALLO design, cut and aesthetic. Usually our clients can start by trying out our range of Signature made, before moving onward with the Custom made or Made to order experience.

Signature Made items typically have a delivery time of 3-5 days within the standard EU region. We also include a return policy included in our ‘general terms and conditions’ for these items. If adjustments are needed, these can be made with our master tailor for a small fee.

Our Signature Made range is available both online and at our showrooms. This allows for easy access and convenience, regardless of your preferred shopping method.


Made to order is a very flexible and good option for products where you’ve might love a specific BLUGIALLO design, cut or aesthetic. For example, if you order one of our signature cashmere crewnecks, these will be available Signature made (ready to wear) in 2-3 colors. With Made to order, you can explore a range of other qualities (fabrics), colors and design tweaks to that very sweater. It offers the same flexibility and delivery time (4-5 weeks) as Custom made, only with our standard fit and sizing. 

We offer most of our products Made to order, however we often refer to certain products as a better option for Made to order than others, these include;
– Knitwear
– Jeans & Chinos
– Shirting

With Made to Order, you can select from all available qualities/fabrics and colors for the specific product category. You can also choose between signature and custom designs, adding a personal touch like a monogram or a specific design detail.
The difference between Custom made and Made to order is the fit or measurements. In a Custom made products, the fit is created uniquely for you, with our deep understanding and competence around made to measure clothing. For Made to order, you are able to select one of our signature, standard size options.

Yes, Made to Order products come with a return policy. However, it is subject to the specific nature of each order, considering the level of customization involved.  Two examples:

1. You order a Made to order knitwear piece in a specific quality or color – standard size 50, without any monogram or design tweaks. This product will then be subject to our full return policy.
2. You order Made to order knitwear piece in a specific quality or color – standard size 50, with your own monogram (initials) and a different collar than our signature design. This will then NOT be covered by our full return policy since it is considered a uniquely produced product, without the possibility of selling to any other customer.