Fit warranty

We feel so confident in delivering perfectly fitted understated luxury that all our garments are included in our 'fit warranty'. Here is how it works!

*Our 'fit warranty' is valid for your first order within each product group. For example if your first order is a shirt and your second order is a pair of trousers, it is still valid for the second order.

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You received your order

You just got your new garments and tried them on. You noticed they are in need of some adjustments to really fit you perfectly.

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You contact us

All you need to do is to contact us within 10 days after receiving the product(s) with any comments regarding the fit. To contact us about the fit of your garments just send a mail to, or fire up the chat in the bottom corner of our site and send us a message.

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We book a consultation

Before we make any adjustments we always need to see what needs to be done. In order for us to do this we would love to book a quick digital consultation with you and go through the products that needs adjusting.

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Lets make it perfect

We have carefully selected tailors all around the globe that helps us with adjustments. Before you run off to your local tailor with the garments and get them adjusted be sure to consult us. We will compensate the adjustments that needs to be made.