For the modern man who strives for a refined, well-tailored wardrobe. Welcome to book an exclusive consultation with our style experts in one of our showrooms, popup events or digitally. We will go through the process of creating the best possible garments based on your unique needs and preferences. Regardless of which appointment you book you can be sure to have our undivided attention.

*All our consultations are free of charge due to our passion for tailoring.


What you get

We thrive on the mission to find the perfect garment for each client. With our attention to detail, fine craftsmanship, and a unique fit you will be able to achieve a refined wardrobe in three easy steps. Book appointment. Create measurements. Choose garment and design.

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Perfect fit

By creating a unique size profile based on your measurements every piece you order will fit you perfectly. Without compromise. 100% fit guarantee for our first time clients.

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Carefully designed

By offering numerous design options and thousands of fabrics the possibilities to design and create unique pieces based on your personal preferences are close to infinite.

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Premium quality

We don't settle for anything less than the best mills and tailors in the world, combined with a huge amount of attention to detail in our design, we feel safe to say that we only deliver the best possible quality available.

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Sustainably produced

The only true sustainable pieces of clothing are the ones that are actually sold and worn. Since all our garments are produced on-demand we have a zero waste production. If you don't order it we don't produce it. It's as simple as that.