Showing our wool overcoats

Custom tailored overcoats

A custom tailored overcoat should be found in each man’s wardrobe. Under this section you will find several different seasonal coats. You will also find what are referred to as four-season qualities. Whether it is a winter coat in a thicker wool quality, or a lighter variant in a water repellent ‘storm system’ material. Investing in a custom tailored overcoat that you can personalize ensures great use over many years to come.


Overcoat fabric quality

A custom tailored overcoats fabric quality is associated with autumn and winter as it is often found in a wool or cashmere quality that is thick enough to withstand cold. What we strongly recommend as a complement to an overcoat for the winter is a rain and wind resistant coat, from our weaver, Loro Pianas ‘Storm system’. This overcoat fabric quality is made from a technically advanced fabric, perfect as a transitional coat between seasons. The weight on the coat can be an important aspect as it determines the fabric’s ability to keep you warm. Our grades vary between 460-620g. And of course, a double-buttoned coat gives more fabric layers in the front, than a single-buttoned!


Fit and design choices for a custom tailored overcoat

Measurements and fit are central to our process of our custom tailored overcoats, ensuring each customers unique fit. In general, we tend to advocate a silhouette that is tailor-made but that still has room for thicker garments to wear underneath. Not least with our heavy roll neck. We also advocate an increased length of the coat as a great design choice. Partly to give a nice silhouette but also for the practical aspect that it simply keeps the wearer warmer. These fit and design choices affect the formality as a longer length generally becomes a more dressed look. Just as a shorter length gives a sportier feel. With us at Blugiallo, we always put your personal preferences at the center when we help you make the right choices when creating your custom tailored overcoat.