Wool overcoats

We like the prospect of our garments being turned into ”generational tailoring” with time. And few garments has a better lookout than a proper overcoat. Our Wool Overcoat programme focus on exclusive fabrics made to last for decades. The design for all of our fabrics can be altered between our single button closure, double breasted closure and Car Coat versions of the classic coat.

Wool overcoats

For all the colder days of the year the wool overcoat is your brother in arm when fighting the cold. On top of that our wool overcoats comes with a promise to never let you break your style. We’ve carefully selected fabric qualities that keeps you warm and set a perfectly balanced design between comfort and style. Of course we believe our wool overcoats is a must have in every man’s wardrobe, specially come fall and winter. Match it with a cashmere scarf and a cashmere beanie for winter perfection.

Our wool overcoat fabrics

The fabric qualities of our wool overcoats are carefully selected to prevail cold autumn winds and the freezing temperatures of winter. To accomplish this it’s crucial to use wool or cashmere wool that is thick enough to really withstand cold. We’ve chosen fabrics from some of the best weavers in the world, amongst them are Loro Piana. This leads us into the perfect complement for your wool overcoat – a rain and wind resistant car coat. In Loro Pianas wide ranges of fabrics you’ll find their patented ’Storm system’. This overcoat fabric quality is made from a technically advanced fabric, perfect as a complement to your wool coat for days with heavy precipitation.

The weight on the coat is also an important aspect since it determines the fabrics ability to keep you warm. Our grades vary between 460-620g. And of course, a double-buttoned coat gives more fabric layers in the front, which keeps you even warmer.

Fit and design choices for a wool overcoat

Measurements and fit are central to our process of our custom tailored overcoats, ensuring each customers unique fit. In general, we tend to advocate a silhouette that is tailor-made but that still has room for thicker garments to wear underneath. Not least with our heavy roll neck. We also advocate an increased length of the coat as a great design choice. Partly to give a nice silhouette but also for the practical aspect that it simply keeps the wearer warmer. These fit and design choices affect the formality as a longer length generally becomes a more dressed look. Just as a shorter length gives a sportier feel. With us at Blugiallo, we always put your personal preferences at the center when we help you make the right choices when creating your custom tailored overcoat.

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