Custom made tailoring

We call it Expressive Luxury, and now it's your turn

Birger Jarlsgatan 2, Stockholm

Två Trappor

Welcome to our family house and the birthplace of slow, custom made clothing choices. We design contemporary tailoring art and essential wear. Each piece crafted custom made to perfection according to your own fit, preference and design.

How the Expressive Luxury process works

It's all about YOU

Step ONE – Ciao Bella!

Getting to know you better is our only way to serve you the best way possible. Let’s get you your favourite drink in hand and discuss.

Step TWO – Enter ‘la chambre douce’

Custom made clothing means custom made fit. From a discussion based on our signature cut, we’ll create your unique BLUGIALLO fit. 

Step THREE – Dressing room

From the basis of what is important to you, we’ll design your next masterpiece, choosing fabrics, quality and design along the way.

*If you want to learn more, check out our FAQ or contact us directly.


Women's tailoring, Issue 01

Expressive Luxury FAQ

Upon booking an appointment to our showroom, you’ll experience our signature, one to one service approach. You’ll meet on of our tailoring experts to run through a process that usually take about 1-1,5hrs for first time clients.

During your stay we discover the world of Expressive Luxury together, focusing on you and your preferences to best recommend and cater to your needs and personal style. Our ‘New customer session’ therefore focus heavily on learning more about you and your clothing habits.

During your stay, we’ll also create your unique BLUGIALLO fit, either digitally or through altering our ready made pattern. This means trying on a suit jacket, shirt and trouser and altering the pattern (measurements) in order to fit you the best possible way. Lastly, there is the design process of Expressive Luxury experience, where we take into a count everything you’ve told us, in order to recommend the best suited fabrics and design options for the piece you have in mind.

Prices are an indication from our core Perennial and Contemporary Collection. For our handmade Artisan collection, prices are completely unique depending on the craftsmanship (handmade elements) and fabric choice.

Suiting €650 – €1200

Trousers €230 – €350

Jackets & Blazers €450 – €800

Overcoats €700 – €1200

Vests €300 – €700

Shirting €150 – €300

Knitwear €180 – €450

Jeans €220 – €350