Formal shirts

Men’s formal shirts

Quite a few occasions require a higher level of formality and therefore, the formal shirt for men is an essential piece of every man’s wardrobe. And don’t be fooled that the classic white shirt is the only option (even though it’s one of the cornerstones in a well-dressed man’s closet). The range of formal shirts stretches from crisp white and light blue to pinstriped in various colors. 

At Blugiallo, we are proud to offer exclusive shirts of fantastic quality to make sure you don’t sacrifice style for comfort. All formal shirts are custom tailored to fit your unique measurements and can be designed to meet your personal needs and preferences. 

Whether you are looking for a tuxedo shirt or a white crispy formal business shirt we can help you find the right fabric and make the right design choices to suit your occasion and style preferences.  

The result is an uncompromising formal shirt that focuses on quality and durability.

Formal shirt qualities

Choosing the right quality for your shirt is crucial and we are happy to provide our expertise on the subject, both in our showroom or online if you prefer. Perhaps the most important thing to start with is the area of use and what your everyday life looks like, but also what you enjoy wearing.

When it comes to formal shirts we usually start with the area of use and look through fabrics. Then we find the right color, texture, and luster. And even though it might sound easy there are a lot of different options to choose from.

The structure in combination with luster is important for the degree of formality in the finished garment. The more luster you have in the fabric, the more formal approach you will create. In the opposite way, a shirt with more texture and less luster is more suited for a casual outfit.

Why choose a custom tailored formal shirt?

One of the advantages of custom tailored garments is the ability to make accurate and thoughtful choices, everything from the design to the fabric. 

The result is often a shirt with a longer life span due to its predetermined and obvious place in the wardrobe. And since you also were involved in creating the design of the shirt it’s also often the favorite go-to shirt for any formal occasion. 

With our range of design choices, you can customize the collar both in shape and height as well as the cuffs. The option to make the shirt even more personal by adding a monogram is of course always available. 

The formal shirt is of course an obvious match for the suit for any formal occasion but don’t underestimate its versatility. A crisp white shirt combined with a pair of denim, or a striped shirt, chinos, and a knitted half zip vest could easily do the job. As mentioned before, the fabric, texture, and luster will play a big part in the level of formality of your formal shirt. 

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