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Custom tailored shirts

At Blugiallo, we are proud to offer exclusive, custom tailored shirts of fantastic quality. Our custom tailored shirts are made from fabrics of the world’s leading qualities from world-renowned weavers such as Thomas Mason and Albiate. Our shirts always uses ‘Two fold’ or double twisted yarn, which gives a good durability combined with a fine luster. Our shirt buttons are made by mother of pearl.

The fabric is an important component when making quality custom tailored shirts, but the fit also plays an important role. All of our shirts are customized to your measurements, needs and preferences, where we control up to 25 different measuring points of one shirt – all to create a custom tailored shirt that fits you perfectly.

Whether you are looking for a tuxedo shirt, a white crispy business shirt or a more casual linen or oxford shirt, we can help you find the right fabric and put the design that suits your occasion and stylistic preferences, of course together with your ‘fit’. The result is an uncompromising way to shop custom tailored shirts that focus on quality and durability.


Important to consider for your custom tailored shirt?

What is important to consider when choosing a shirt? One of the advantages of custom tailored garments is the ability as a customer to make accurate and thoughtful choices, from the design to fabric. The result is often a longer life cycle for each shirt, because the clear place the shirt has in each person’s unique closet. Because the fit and design perfectly matches the wearers preferences, it also usually becomes a favorite piece in the wardrobe.


Custom tailored shirt qualities

Choosing the right shirt quality is a decision we help our customers with, both in our showroom and online. Perhaps the most important thing is to start with the area of use and what your everyday life looks like, but also what you enjoy wearing. Your needs and conditions as a customer are unique, and it’s important for us at Blugiallo to offer top quality products that you’ll love.

When it comes to custom tailored shirt qualities, we usually start from the application area and then combine it with color, luster and texture. It can be good to divide the shirt qualities into three types; formal / business shirts, smart casual / semi formal and casual shirts. The structure in combination with luster is important for the degree of formality in the finished garment. Generally, we usually say that more structure gives a more casual feel, in the same way that less luster or a matte surface also causes the garment’s formality to decrease.