Pure cashmere


Cashmere is synonymus with effortless luxury and comfort. The unmatched softness and luster makes for a highly elegant piece of knitwear to love for years to come. The worlds highest quality cashmere can only be found in particular areas of inner Mongolia. High altitude and freezing temperature create conditions that leads to the absolute best quality cashmere available. This is also where our cashmere yarn producer source their cashmere from.

The cashmere sweater

Our assortment of cashmere sweaters consists of a wide range of models and colors available in 2-ply and 4-ply yarns. A 4-ply cashmere roll neck is perfect for casual use during fall and winter. While a lighter 2-ply yarn crew neck would work better in a slightly more formal outfit and 3 season usage. Our 1 and 2-ply cashmere sweaters have a plain knitted structure while the 4-ply features a ribb structure which makes the 4-ply more rugged and more suitable for casual wear. The goal here is for you to feel as comfortable as possible while still looking elegant and not losing any style points.

A cashmere sweater works as well with a flannel suit as with more casual garments. We like to wear a brown cashmere polo tighter with a brown flannel suit for example. Not to mention in the most casual settings with a pair of denim, or perhaps a pair of draw-string trousers while at home. It is also the perfect piece for layering and to wear over the shoulder during the spring and early autumn, and as a middle piece under a jacket during the winter.

We offer a wide assortment of colors in our knitwear program. If you can’t find what you are looking for one of our customer success specialists can assist you in creating the perfect garment! Simply schedule a consultation, either online or in one of our showrooms.

Zero waste cashmere

Our cashmere sweaters are made to measure and on demand to your specifications with state-of-the-art 3D knitting technology. This means that the whole garment is created in one piece instead of cutting out back, front and sleeves in separate. All while keeping to traditions of craftsmanship that is key for a true “Made in Italy” piece of cashmere knitwear. In this way, we can mix the best traditions with technology to create a truly unique ‘sustainable by nature’ production for our cashmere products.

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