Loro Piana

Those who visit a Blugiallo showroom for the first time will for sure hear us speak of ‘Biella’, the legandary village in the Northwestern part of Italy. Home to some of the worlds best artisans and makers of fine textiles since generations back. In order to create understanding of the craftsmanship and time consuming process that goes into making exclusive fabrics, we’ve created a brief series of articles that will introduce these weavers to you. Each with their own character and expertise which also makes their mark on each and every Blugiallo-garment we produce. First let us introduce Loro Piana – known as one of the worlds most exclusive fabric producers.

Loro Piana was found in 1924 and quickly became a company focusig on high-end materials and textiles. They are known for producing some of the world most exclusive textiles and weaves such as; baby cashmere and vicuña. The quality and characteristics of these materials are unmatched in terms of softness, warmth and lustre. Loro Piana is also a company focusing on the relationship between raw material and technology – a result of this is their trademark ‘Storm System’ weave. The Storm System weave is the result of of 20 years of research and development that finally led to a wool fabric resistant to rain, wind and wrinkles. The weave is truly a mark of excellence.

We recommend

Loro Piana is one of our most important suppliers because of their broad range of knowledge and expertise. We especially recommend our capo lavoro overcoats. We also recommend our suits and jackets made from Loro Piana’s blend of wool and cashmere. The composition truly creates a unique touch and feel to the garments with an amazing structure.