Crafting the perfect flannel trouser

Some garments will always hold a special place in a well curated wardrobe. The iconic flannel trouser is such a piece. To us, best worn when tradition intertwines with modernity. The flannel trouser offers a playground for contemporary design, personalized fabric choice, and versatile styling. When blended, it is a perfect expression of understated luxury.

The art of a simple, timeless design

Our design captivates the timeless nature of flannel, ensuring each pair is crafted with longevity in mind. This means clean lines, subtle textures, and a fit that complements the individual body. Our signature design includes adjustable waistbands, discreet pockets, single pleated front and a clean cut with straight finish. A design that will embody the versatility of modern luxury.

Black signature Italian flannel

Shape and fit

Tailoring at Blugiallo transcends traditional ready to wear standards. We emphasize a signature BLUGIALLO fit that is tailored to your unique body shape, offering a house cut, tailored uniquely to each of our clients. For tailored trousers, we consider every aspect from waist rise to leg opening, ensuring comfort and movement without compromising a tailored cut and style. The result is a pair of trousers made just for you, reflecting your personal brand and style. This is especially important for flannel trousers, as they generally serve a long term purpose and use.


Our flannels are carefully selected for its quality and sustainability. Sourced from the worlds most renowned mills (e.g. Loro Piana, Dormeuil, Vitale Barberis and Huddersfield textiles to name a few), there is zero compromise on quality. However, flannel is a very versatile fabric both in thickness, durability and texture. A common mistake is thinking all flannels are the same, when in fact the fabric can vary almost as much as a linen fabric would from a cashmere. If you feel uncertain on what type of flannel would be best for you, the best way is to reach out to us as our suppliers carry hundreds of different qualities that can be ordered uniquely for you through our bespoke service.

Generally speaking however, for a pair of flannel trousers, the use is often fall & winter and it should always work nicely to break up and use with a variety of styling options. This means color, texture and thickness is key. We often divide our flannel fabrics into Italian or British, simply because the worlds’s finest yarns are spun in either countries along with the best craftsmanship and heritage.

The difference between Italian flannels and British counterparts, is mainly texture, thickness and usage. Italian flannel is lighter in terms of weight, often with a rich texture and therefore can be used both in transitional seasons as well as colder temparatures. It is also a bit more relaxed in terms of drape and we therefore use it for most of our signature tailoring. Italian flannels fabrics are also more often a mix of qualities, such as our wool & cashmere flannels. The British flannels however, offer a uniquely heavy weight, with a powerful drape and qualities the fit like an armour. The quality is usually immaculate in terms of durability.


The beautiful thing about a pair of custom made flannel trousers is the variety of simple styling options it offers. Flannel trousers can cover almost any occasion during fall, winter or early spring – from everyday work hours to dinners, social gatherings and weekend leisures. Because of the the rich texture, it pairs very well both with casual textures like cashmere knitwear, as well as elegant, lustrous fabrics like a silk blend knitwear or a formal shirt.