12th of December , 2013 - Restaurant Trattoria dal Biassanot, Bologna, Italy.


During a dinner discussion between two friends, a flawlessly dressed older man steps into the room. The discussion between the two friends quickly fades out as all attention is instead directed to the older man, as he politely thanks the restaurant owner for the evening. His well-tailored, double-breasted suit that utters of an elegance that the two friends unfortunately aren’t close to themselves. He disappears through the door, leaving the impressed friends to their own thoughts. Fit becomes their conclusion. Quality another. Regular tailor visits undoubtedly.

The following discussion between them are no longer about AC Milan’s good old day’s or when Francesco Totti will stop playing football. Instead, the conversation is fixed on the astonishing fact that some things actually were better before – in this case craftsmanship, tradition and quality when it comes to clothing. Why? they ask each other.

A bottle of wine helps the two friends work out the problem – It is neither convenient nor particularly wallet friendly to run to the old fashioned tailor and commission new clothes in the traditional way. A solution to the challenge is starting to take shape – maybe it is possible to combine this fantastic, traditional craftsmanship and offer it through a modern and digital service, focusing on personal service according to the customer’s needs and preferences?

There and then, Blugiallo is born, due to a dinner with the right amount of red wine and the two friends’ unsubtle fondness for Italy and its traditional crafts. They decide to combine the best with Italy and Sweden – there call shall be to offer “21st Century Tailoring”.