Our thoughts on fit

Since all our products are custom tailored and created uniquely for every customer, we don’t have any standard fits. We do have preferences of how an ideal Blugiallo fit looks like though.

The typical Blugiallo fit tends to be inspired by a more classic cut. By taking one or two steps away from the slim fit trend that has dominated the past 15 years we create a more elegant and comfortable fit. With a bit more generous fit you’ll also create a beautiful drape, and you lower the risk to tear the fabric too fast. The influences from the classic cut gives you room to move around and live your everyday life in your garment, without stretching the fabric to its limits.

But once again, we always take the customers preferences in consideration. If you prefer a slightly slimmer or wider fit, we’ll make the necessary adjustments. It’s important that the wearer feels comfortable with the fit that he’s ordered.

A suit needs to fit. There's a reason why it's called suit.

The first fitting

The first step when you receive your Blugiallo order is to do a fitting. We offer both digital fittings and fittings in our showrooms. You can book your appointment for a fitting here.

The fitting is a great opportunity to discuss your fit and garment together with one of our experts. We’ll explain the steps we’ve taken to create the garment you’re wearing, and we’ll discuss if we want to do any alterations. Our aim is to find the right fit from the start, but sometimes alterations is necessary. The most common ones are small adjustments regarding sleeve and trouser length.

What’s important to keep in mind is that all garments get better after they’ve been worn a couple of times. Over time the fabric gets softer and the garment will adapt to the wearer. Wearing the new garment in your everyday life also gives you the opportunity to reflect on fit and feeling. Sometimes it’s hard to give an honest opinion when standing in front of a mirror. Your reflections will also help us to develop your fit profile for future orders.

If you’re new to made-to-measure the fit of your new garment might be a bit different from the clothes already hanging in your closet. If you feel unaccustomed to the fit, we recommend you wear the garment a couple of times before we do any adjustments. It may take some time before you get used to, and eventually love your new fit.

Fit warranty as a first-time customer

As part of our service, Blugiallo offers all new customers a fit warranty that, if necessary, covers the cost of simple tailoring adjustments.

As a customer, you are responsible for contacting us within 10 days after receiving the product(s) with any comments regarding fit and any need for adjustments. Otherwise, the delivered product and fit are considered accepted and approved. If adjustments are desired, you as a customer must return with the desired adjustments, motivation, and a picture of your garment. This is sent to: orders@blugiallo.com.

It is always up to Blugiallo to decide whether the garment needs an adjustment or not. The warranty is not intended to cover minor adjustments that cannot be considered visible.