Wedding season coming up

Groom or attendee? Formal or casual?
Either way – the outfit matters.
Get ready. Choose made to measure.


We make men look good

Gather you crew

We've got the secret sauce

Scheduled a private wedding consultation and bring your crew. You’ll have the showroom to yourselves and all the time you need for measurements, fabrics, design choices and stupid questions (don’t worry, there is no such thing). We’ll even make sure you have a cold drink while your friends take their time.

Working with our client’s needs and preferences to create the perfect outfit is what we do. And we’re damn good at it, too.

Here's a first glance on how good you'll look.

Need more suggestions?

Take a look below

No matter if you’re the man of the hour or a ‘simple’ guest. We created a whole section of alternatives for you – use the link below or check out our “Wedding season gear” section in the shop.

Things have gone well for these guys - partially because they wore Blugiallo

Ready to create a killer outfit? 

Our main goal is always to make sure you look sublime for any occasion. That’s why we’re not only offering made-to-measure for a perfect fit, you will also be able to make several design choices for each garment based on your personal style.

We will go through this and much more in our consultations.  If you’re not able to visit us in any of our showrooms we can of course meet digitally.