Founded by Guiseppe Caprotti in 1830, then under the name Manifattura di Albiate . At that time, the company acted as a distributor of yarns to the nearby weavers. A decade later, manufacturing on its own started and Albiate grew. Today, they are the market leader in lightweight fabrics and have a large selection of innovative shirt weaves. Albiate’s design is constantly evolving and they have about 1000 different variants per season. Now the shirt weaver is owned by the giant Albini Group.

Together with Albini and Thomas Mason, Albiate is our most important fabric supplier for semi and formal cotton fabrics. We use, among other things, their world famous two fold cotton in all of our shirts. The weaving plant holds extremely high quality in both cotton and how the fibers themselves are processed to create the fabric. The highlight of quality is our thin weave in Giza cotton which gives a completely unique luster and soft feel.

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Shirt weaver founded in 1876 in Italy. The company is today led by the fifth generation of Albini and offices set up in both Hong Kong and New York, which has generated growth in exports, where the company today supplies to more than 80 countries. The company is versatile and offers a wide variety of fabrics, both yarn- and garment-colored. The weaver is now the Albini Group where they bought and own additional shirt weavers, for example the British Thomas Mason.

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The company was founded as late as 1950 by Giuseppe Angelico. Today it is the sons Alberto and Massimo who move the family business forward and have made Lanificio Angelico a reliable supplier of several different qualities, such as merino wool and Egyptian cotton.

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Ariston’s headquarter is located in Naples, Italy and is known for distributing handcrafted Italian fabrics from a wide range of weaving types such as; wool, mohair, silk, cashmere, cotton and linen .

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Weaving from the classic Biella area in northwestern Italy. Ferla has a history of always delivering high quality and exclusive fabrics with a classic and rich production. Ferla’s signature garment is Baby Alpaca , which is found in several types of jacket and suits of the highest quality. Baby Alpaca is relatively uncommon, only 1.5% of all alpaca production is allowed to go under that collection name. The fabric is very soft and provides the perfect balance between informal and elegant.

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Loro Piana

Founded in 1924. One of the world’s leading suppliers of exclusive fabrics. Loro Piana equals top notch qualities, along with a distinguished Italian elegance. The company is known for its high end fabrics such as Baby Kashmir and Vicuna. Loro Piana is the world’s largest manufacturer of Kashmir and Baby Kashmir. They have also developed Storm system, which is a technique where Loro Piana combines technical knowledge and natural fiber to obtain a wind and water resistant surface used for the development of jackets and coats.

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Nesti Onelio

The Nesti Onelio Wool Factory was founded in the late 1950s as a small, family business in a suburban area of ​​the prosperous city of Datini, where they still have their headquarters today. Since then, high quality fabrics have been produced, focusing on the use of only the finest raw materials, such as pure cashmere , mohair , alpaca and the well-known, superfine wool quality – ‘virgin wool’ .

We recommend looking at our coats in the wool qualities of Nesti Onelio as they have a distinctive character with a fantastically soft and moving feel and that they are extremely resistant to wind and cold.

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Reda was started as early as 1865 as a result of Carlo Reda’s passion for textiles and entrepreneurship. Like many other actors in Biella, production is strongly characterized by tradition and traditional craftsmanship. At the same time, technological innovation is emphasized as one of the company’s most important investments. Respect for the environment and the setting has also led to several important certificates in the area.

Reda is a weaver with a solid heritage and broad knowledge and we recommend, among other things, their wool and cotton weave in hopsack which is perfect for a blazer. They also have a variety of durable woolen weaves that are excellent alternatives for our basic suits.

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Family business founded in 1874 by Michele Solbiati in Busto Arsizio, Italy. Solbiati was the first to spin colored linen, to develop the soft and natural linen garment which is today regarded as the company’s key garment and where they, today are world leaders. Vittorio Solbiati, from the fourth generation, was the innovator. It was then discovered that the softness of the linen appeared after washing processes. It was thanks to the soft linen fabric that the unconstructed jacket was brought to life that quickly and became a symbol of the dimmed elegance. Solbiati today offers a wide range from casual to classic.

Solbiati delivers wonderful weaves that we use in fantastic linen and silk tights and trousers in the summer. We also recommend the cotton qualities that perform best in soft, pliable and unstructured jackets.

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Tessitura Monti

In 1911, the three brothers Monti (Evaristo, Venerio and Bruno) merge and start the family business. Despite difficulties during the world wars, they manage to keep the company rolling and within the family. Shortly thereafter, in 1947, the company gains ever greater market shares and they become a shirt weaver who competes and then starts to export weaves abroad. Strong color combinations woven in the best quality are the cornerstones of every collection that leaves Tessitura Monti.

We use Tessitura Monti for many of our more relaxed, soft shirt weaves, such as the famous giro inglese weave.

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Thomas Mason

One of the world’s most famous weavers. Founded in the late 18th century in Lancashire, England. Thomas Mason’s fabrics are manufactured from Two-fold cotton of the finest, extra-long, Egyptian cotton fiber. During the 1930s, Thomas Mason became an exclusive fabric supplier to the renowned shirt manufacturer Turnbull & Asser who provided the royal family with shirts. As a result, Thomas Mason became a royal court supplier. Today it is owned by the Albini Group and has managed to retain the British heritage and combined it with top-notch Italian fabric qualities.

Together with Albini and Albiate, Thomas Mason is our most important fabric supplier for semi and formal cotton fabrics. Among other things, we use their world-renowned two-fold cotton in all of our shirts. The weaving plant holds extremely high quality in both cotton and how the fibers themselves are processed to create the fabric. The highlight of quality is our thin weave in Giza cotton which gives a completely unique luster and soft feel.

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Vitale Barberis Canonico

Legendary wool weaver dating from 1663 where the Barberis Canonicos family, already then, mastered the knowledge of dyeing wool. Manufacturing continued and grew strongly with the industrial revolution and later, in 1936, the Vitale Barberis Canonico brand was founded. The weaver underwent an economic boom in the mid-1900s and with innovative thinking, the company further strengthened its brand in the international market. Vitale Barberis Canonico today has a well-established reputation as one of the strongest supplier of woolen fabrics on the market.

VBC is a reliable supplier of several important weavers used in our more formal suits and jackets. We especially recommend our flannel fabrics in natural stretch that are well suited for both an odd-trouser, jacket or full suit. We also have a number of so-called “vintage” fabrics from VBC, where the supplier has stored fabrics in wool, silk and linen which during the storage has incurred a unique patina.

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