Sustainable future for fashion

In the last decade, there has been a massive increase and demand for sustainable fashion and no one could be happier about that than us. But was does it truly mean, to be a sustainable fashion brand?

While many brands are focusing on sustainable fabric materials such as organic cotton, packaging made out of recycled plastic, and climate-compensated shipping arrangements we felt that it has to be something more we can do.
So we did.

The key to a sustainable future

Our idea is simple. Really simple. We want to provide high-quality sustainable menswear. And if you don’t order the garment we don’t produce it. 

A staggering amount of clothes goes to landfill or is burnt each year simply because they don’t sell. Huge brands produce thousands of garments that never will be sold and we believe that the work has to start there. Stop over-producing. And don’t buy what you won’t use. 

”Buy less – buy better” became our mantra and from that, we brought the idea of on-demand production to life. 

At Blugiallo every single piece of garment is carefully produced on-demand, uniquely for the client.

No ”off the rack”, no storage, and thanks to our ”made to measure” process we’ve also overcome one of the biggest issues in the fashion industry today – returns. We simply don’t have that problem because every piece is created with reflection regarding needs and preferences and in the exact size for the client.

What is sustainable fashion?

Sustainability has really become a buzzword lately but what does it actually mean? Some say it’s only about the garment’s actual impact on the environment while some also include the working conditions for suppliers and employees. 

You might also heard of the expressions fast fashion, slow fashion, and ethical fashion. 

You could easily describe fast fashion as clothing that is cheaply made and has no intention of lasting very long. Slow fashion, sustainable fashion, and ethical fashion are the exact opposite. Garments that are produced with quality in mind to make it last as long as possible, along with focusing on the working conditions for the employees as a high priority.

How to be a sustainable fashion brand

No more standard size. We will create a personal fit profile for every client, using body measurements because no two bodys are exactly the same, so why should the clothes be? 

You can either come to one of our showrooms where we take all the measurements needed, or you can use our newly developed online measuring tool. By answering a few specific questions our algorithm will be able to create your fit profile with 99% accuracy.

Once the measurements are created we will go through your needs and preferences and look at suitable fabrics for your occasion. The garments shown on our website are just a fraction of the possible options but in a truly sustainable mindset, we will rather show a couple of options online and then offer the possibility to choose from our supplier’s range of fabrics in our showroom. This along with the advantage that you will be able to make design options and create the garment exactly as you wish has proven to be a success in the tailoring fashion business. 

Even though most people often go directly to suits when thinking about made to measure or custom made garments, we thought, why stop there? You can now easily buy a pair of made to measure jeans or a knitted crewneck just as easily as a made to measure suit. Our goal is to cover all the essential pieces of the modern man’s wardrobe, from casual grey chinos to the black wedding tuxedo. 

If there are any adjustments that needs to be made once the garment is received we will of course help with that as well. We will go through the changes and leave the garment to our local tailor. And by local we really mean local. He’s literally located next door. No extra shipping is needed, just a couple of steps by one of our colleagues in the showroom.

5 tips to make your garments last longer

Your Blugiallo garment is not just a piece of clothing, it’s a work of art. Proper care plays a critical role in preserving and extending the lifetime of your garment which is also one of the biggest issues today. We buy clothes and wear them a couple of times before they wear out or we get bored of them. 

Buying versatile wardrobe pieces that you can wear for a long time is crucial for lowering the carbon footprint of the fashion industry. So taking care of your clothes is something that both the environment and your wallet will thank you for later. 

  • Wash
    Try to wash your garments only when needed. Often it’s enough to hang it outside and let it breathe for a few hours. Our recommendation is to keep the dry cleaning to a minimum. The dry cleaning process can damage the fabric’s fibers and make your garment more fragile.
  • Storage
    Different garments need different types of storage. Most of our products needs a proper hanger while all knitwear should be folded.
  • Treat stain
    It’s important to choose the best suitable detergent for the actual stain you’re trying to remove.
  • Variations
    Vary your garments and let each piece rest for a couple of days before the next use.
  • Green products
    Use green, eco-friendly products. A better solution both for your garments and the environment. Did you know that liquid detergent is more gentle than powder detergent to both fabrics and the environment?

The drive to improve

We are always looking for ways to further improve our work of sustainable menswear and the latest development is something that we are very proud of.

Our collection of knitwear is a Zero Waste production made of innovative 3D knitting techniques. Instead of making the clothes piece by piece by cutting out the back, front, and sleeves separately, which inevitably means some waste, the garments are now created with a cutting-edge 3D knitting technology in one single piece. How amazing is that? This means more energy-efficient production and zero waste. You can see all of our knitwear garments here.

Our sustainable vision

Sustainable fashion is the only way to go forward. We are determined to reduce our impact on the environment and make a sustainable future possible for the fashion industry. 

Blugiallo was founded with the idea of keeping the fashion industry alive but making it better and more sustainable for every man through tailor-made garments. By developing unique garments for every client, one piece at a time, we’ll make sure your wardrobe will be updated with garments based on your personal needs and preferences that will last for a long time.