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30 September, 2019

The textile tradition in Italy goes back in generations and thanks to this it has been possible to specialize in specific products in different areas of the country. In the heart of Tuscany, more specifically in and outside the city of Florence, there is a legacy and a pride of not compromising with neither the yarn or the precision during the manufacturing process of fine merino. This is also where we at Blugiallo have chosen to produce our knitted garments. Our merino wool quality (which applies to the majority of our knitted garments), comes in a washed, long-fiber quality wool which, through a coiled-yarn of two threads together, gives a 16 gauge density. Gauge is most easily explained as a measure of the number of stitches per inch, where a higher gauge number corresponds to a thinner and finer quality. Our 16 gauge is a fine knit quality has a soft and lovely surface.

To combine knitted garments

In our opinion knitted garments are an underrated complement to a well-dressed formal attire as well as to a smart casual style. Wearing a knitted sweater for a pair of odd wool pants is easy way to be well-dressed at work and on weekdays. We have chosen to divide our knit department by season and thus we cover the entire year’s use of knitted garments. During the autumn and winter half-year, merino wool dominates in various densities and finishes and during the spring / summer half year we usually strive for a drier cotton quality with a cooler knitting to keep you as wearer cool during the hottest days of the summer.

The basic wardrobe

Our range of knitted garments are hand-picked to be a natural part of the base wardrobe. Our focus is precisely on working exclusively with iconic models of classic design and cut, here we obviously think of our Polo shirts and Rollnecks. During the fall and winter season, a classic roll neck is versatile for just one odd pants or under a blazer. In our opinion, our knitted model polo shirt also has a given place in the wardrobe and works pretty much throughout the year and is especially good to wear to a pair of denim or a dress pants. Polo shirt together with a jacket is an easy way to dramatize an otherwise well-dressed outfit and serves as a casual element that we call Smart casual. The color range we offer goes in beige, blue and gray scale which makes the garments easier to match together. In a suggestive way, a sophisticated tone in tone color scale can be very fine together in a minimalist expression, then we think for example. on a dark blue suit along with a dark blue polo shirt or roll neck. Our knitted garments are carefully selected to be easy to combine with our fabric qualities for suit, trousers and jacket.

Heavier qualities

As a complementary quality to our thin knitted Polo shirts and Rollnecks, we have our rough knit qualities we call Heavyroll neck and Heavy cardigan. Both come in a fantastic soft merino wool. These are knitted with a thicker and multi-threaded yarn that together make up our knitted model in Heavy rollneck and our Heavy cardigan. This model works perfectly as a complement to your jacket for a more casual look, and works well to wear as a layer garment during milder spring and autumn days thanks to its tight knitting and the yarn’s roughness. These two coarser qualities will be your best friend and are guaranteed to keep you warm when the cold is on your doorstep. Wear these along with selvedge denim for a more casual attire or a pair of flannel pants. If we choose a favorite ourselves, we are happy to combine our Heavy roll neck with an odd jacket during the winter season.

Stickad heavy rollneck med kavaj

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