Guest article – Philip Conradsson on denim

Philip Conradsson is a Swedish style consultant and influencer with a passion for quality clothing and personal styling. We like his effortless, laid back yet professional approach (found both in his personality and profession) that also clearly shines through in his contemporary way of wearing tailored garments. In that sense we share the same values of quality, wearability and sustainability. Furthermore – we both love to share this passion with you, our friends and clients. For this article, we asked Philip to share some of his thoughts and views on Denim and also what he experienced with ours.

Philip on the subject of Denim

Ever since I can remember, I’ve always had issues finding jeans in high quality with a decent fit that matches my personal preferences. It’s strange to say but I got use to jeans that wasn’t perfect because I hadn’t had any experience or thought as to how my jeans could actually look, feel and fit. That is until I tried custom made ones that’s to say.. In this brief article I will try to break down and explain why a pair of jeans, custom made to fit your needs and preferences, is a must have in your everyday wardrobe.

The first choice is obviously what color or wash you want for a pair of jeans. This choice is to me often the hardest. Blugiallo offers a wide range of washes from raw denim to dark blue, mid blue and light blue. It is also possible to create your denims in white, grey or black for a more untraditional look of your denims. A major game changer for me was that all washes can be made in a plain finish, which means that the jeans have the same color from the top to bottom. Usually most jeans is being pre-washed to give a certain look, which in my opinon isn’t always a good thing. I rather prefer breaking my jeans in myself to give them a personal and unique patina after years of use.

The Fit

In my opinion you shouldn’t have to compromise with your fit when buying a suittrousers, a jacket or a pair of jeans. Unfortunately this has been the case for me when it comes to jeans. What I love about the fit of my Blugiallo jeans is the straighter cut adjusted to my body, the higher waist and the perfect fit around my hips and bottom. The result is a natural drape, a super comfortable fit and a more tailored look which makes my jeans perfect to combine with a jacket or blazer, if needed.

The Quality

In terms of quality Blugiallo uses some of the finest weaving mills in the world such as Kuroki and Candiani and the production is made in Veneto, Italy, with over a hundred years of experience. The quality itself can be broken down in two categories which is; The Raw Denim and washed denim with stretch. The raw denim gives the fabric a stiffer feeling while the washed denim with stretch is softer and more flexible. I happen to like both qualities and I wear them both a lot since they give a totally different appearance. I must admit it has been hard taking my Blugiallo washed denim with stretch off since I first got them and I have honestly never had a more comfortable pair of jeans in my closet.