Harris tweed – Exceptional pieces

We have a collection of carefully sourced fabrics and curated designs for the fall and winter seasons. For example, the exceptional Harris tweed fabric. The characteristics and luxurious quality of the garments are second to none. Simply put, they are extraordinary. Tag along when we geared up in our newcomers and headed for the countryside.

What is tweed?

Few cloths have the historic allure as the heavy, sturdy icon from the British Isles, the tweed.

Tweed is made from high-quality, pure virgin wool and is tightly woven. The Harris tweed is traditionally handwoven by islanders at their homes in the Outer Hebrides of Scotland.

To obtain the characteristic colorful pallet of the tweed fabric you mix the dyed wool before it is spun and you can usually find tweed with a plain weave, herringbone, or twill structure. 

Tweed is an extremely durable fabric thanks to its moisture resistance and has, therefore, traditionally been worn in harsh weather conditions for many years.  The tweed jacket deserves its place in the contemporary wardrobe and its characteristics open up a range of casual looks – both for city strolling alongside its natural, countryside habitat.

Jacket Harris tweed brown

The Harris tweed jacket

The tweed jacket is a great piece due to its matte fabric. The thick cloth and its texture make it very versatile and easy to combine. Wear it together with a sand-colored flannel shirt and a pair of beige flannel trousers for a sophisticated look. Or if you prefer a more casual look you can always go with a pair of denim jeans and a knitwear piece underneath.

Due to its weight, the tweed jacket is obviously a garment made for the colder seasons but if styled properly you can wear it in the transitional season as well. It is also a must-have piece since it’s easy to dress both up and down.

The tweed jacket can of course be created as a formal jacket but also as a safari jacket. The Harris tweed safari jacket is designed with pleated patch pockets with a flap for a more casual approach.

Jacket Harris tweed green herringbone

The undyed wool

Exceptional, high quality wool carefully spun with the original shades of the black sheep kept and mixed with the rest of it’s prosperous buddies wandering the countryside. The result – a lustrous, resilient and 100% organic yarn. The characteristics of the undyed wool slips no true connoisseur eye, yet it is elegant and understated in its nature at the same time. Think of it as the ultimate antidote to the half crap ridiculously expensive print t-shirt.

Jacket flannel beige brown houndstooth