The Car Coat

The desire to develop the experience and the assortment range for you as a customer drives us forward at Blugiallo. We are constantly looking for potential for improvement in the products we already have, but we also want to develop new types of products that complement your Blugiallo wardrobe. It is therefore a great pleasure to present our latest addition to the range, namely the Car Coat.

The car coat possesses the slightly unique ability to be elegant and practical at the same time. Its design and layout create a hybrid of a formal and an informal coat. It works just as well with the business suit as with a knitted sweater and a pair of chinos.


The origins of the car coat can be traced to the early 20th century. It was simply a part of a growing car industry. The cars at this time were often open and lacked roofs, hence there was also a need for the driver to protect himself from wind and rain. The solution needed to be practical, but at the same time they did not want to lose the elegance and style. The car coat was born.

Initially, the car coat was a symbol of status. By owning the garment, you signaled that you, or someone close to you, owned a car. A benefit that at this time was not for everyone. Its functionality and elegance led over time to increased popularity and today the car coat is seen as a key garment in the well-stocked basic wardrobe.

The original car coat was longer than many of the models we see today and often made of heavy, durable materials such as tweed. To withstand wet and wind better, lighter, technical materials have replaced tweed in many of today’s car coats.

light brown car

Today's car coat

Over the years, the car coat design has been developed. If you see a car coat from the early 20th century, it is often long, slightly A-shaped and with generous widths in the sleeves. A more modern car coat is often made slightly shorter, with a straight fit and a slimmer sleeve. How you want to wear yours, however, is entirely up to you, at Blugiallo we adapt the measurements to your preferences.


The design of the car coat is not the only thing that affects the feeling and appearance of the garment. The type of fabric you want to order your car coat in has as a great impact on the end result. The choice of fabric will affect both appearance and functionality. A car coat at Blugiallo is available in all the wonderful fabrics that our classic coats are made of. In addition, we can present new technical fabrics that really create a garment that is both elegant and practical.



Our car coats come with a removable technical lining. This means that you can adapt the garment depending on the weather and wear it for large parts of the year. The lining is also made from recycled PET bottles. The feeling is the same as down, but the lining is more durable and environmentally friendly.

The car coat has 5 buttons, which is characteristic of the garment. According to taste and liking, you choose either visible or hidden buttons. Visible buttons are a classic choice while the hidden buttons contribute to a minimalist expression. For a modern and sporty look, design the car coat with a welt pocket. It is also practical and comfortable for rainy, windy days that a Scandinavian winter can unfortunately consist of as you can easily put your hands in your pocket.