Blugiallo AB (559021-7914) only enters into an agreement with an authority (18 years). If you are a minor, the permission of the parental responsibility is required.

Agreements are entered into when you choose to send an order at checkout. As you do this, the information about you that is required for us to contact you and deliver your goods is stored. This information is protected from external access unless we ask you explicitly. We comply with the PUL legislation and you can request the information we received about you at your order at any time. If you use the cash register through Stripe, they save information about you in order to complete your payment as below. Your personal information is protected from external intrusion and is never available to third parties.

Stripe and its affiliates process your personal information in order to offer you a simplified payment through Stripe Checkout and to further simplify the payment process the next time you use Stripe’s services. Stripe processes your personal information with the purpose of securing your identity, managing the customer relationship, preventing abuse or incorrectly. utilization of payment service, conducting customer analysis, credit assessment, risk analysis, risk management, business development, for commercial and marketing purposes for our own part and for our specially selected partners, and for complying with applicable legal requirements in general. Personal data is any kind of information that can be directly or indirectly linked to you. The following are examples of personal data processed by Stripe:

1.Contact information – name, address, e-mail address, telephone number, etc.
2. Personal
3. Payment information – card number, invoice information, etc.
4. Financial information – eg information on income and possible payment remarks (used in case a credit report is taken)
5. Article information – information about the purchases you make
6. Historical information – information on past purchases, how you have previously complied with the payment terms, any rebates etc.
7. Information about your computer / device – IP address, language settings, browser settings, etc.
8. Generally available information on the internet

Personal identification numbers are used for identification and as customer numbers for customer management purposes in Stripe’s system. If you have previously used Stripe, there may be saved information about you for, for example, customer management, documentation requirements or similar approved purposes. Stripe will use any such information to secure your identity and simplify your use of Stripe Checkout. Stripe may also use electronic communication (communication via SMS and e-mail) in the contacts with you. Stripe may disclose information to other companies within Stripe’s corporate group, which may also use the information in the ways and for the purposes described herein.

For administrative purposes, information may also be disclosed to the e-retailer where you made your purchase as well as to our specially selected partners for customer analysis and marketing. Furthermore, information may be disclosed in connection with the transfer of the claim to debt collection companies or the like. The data may also be transferred for processing outside the EU / EEA to a state that does not have the same level of protection of personal data. Stripe safeguards the protection of personal data and will introduce appropriate safeguards to protect the data. You have the right to request once a year in writing access to the information that concerns you.

You also have the right to correct incorrect information and to opt out of receiving additional marketing communications. Stripe is responsible for personal data processing of your personal data. ”

We reserve the right in the event of obvious errors, e.g. price or printing error to correct the error afterwards. If you are not satisfied with our correction, you will of course cancel your order at no cost. We also reserve the right not to place an order if eg. the product is out of stock or due to technical problems. Our basic sizes are indicated in letters in accordance with the method set out in the United Kingdom, so the figures are approximate.

If you want to correct your order by order, we can only do this before your order has started being manufactured, which is usually the same day the order is placed.

All goods remain Blugiallo AB’s property until full payment is received by the company.

Blugiallo AB reserves the right to cancel a purchase if fraud is suspected.


The garments shown in our e-commerce is a visualization. The final product may differ slightly in color. The color rendering differs from screen to screen and therefore the images do not constitute an exact color reference but should be regarded as indicative. To see and feel our fabrics, we recommend that you as a customer order home our fabric catalog


Prices include 25% VAT. The final amount of the order will be displayed in the shopping cart. No extra charges are added and shipping is always a duty.


Credit card:

You can pay with Visa, Mastercard or American Express. Choose your card payment and follow the instructions.

The goods are shipped as soon as your goods are ready for delivery and only then is the payment fully effected and no extra charge is charged.

Stripe meets all the requirements for PCI DSS. You can be bound, depending on the type of card, to connect it to either Mastercard Secure Code or Verifed by VISA. You usually do this on your internet bank or through a separate login if you have a non-bank linked card. You also have to fill in your CVC code, which can be found on the back of the card. All of our payment types are secure and use SSL certificates where required.


When you place an order, you will receive information about the estimated delivery time, normally 4-6 weeks for customized products. This calculation is based on the current production time and may vary somewhat depending on the season and production capacity.

Delivery time cannot be guaranteed but this is only a calculation. We are not responsible for any losses, inconveniences, costs or damages that may occur due to late delivery.

For unclaimed packages, we charge you 30 € for costs incurred. Therefore, be sure to always pick up your orders within 14 days of the arrival of your parcel to the postal agent.

When your order is handed over to your local carrier, you will automatically receive an email from us with a tracking link.

Return Policy

In accordance with the law on distance contracts and agreements outside business premises (DAL 2005: 59), the consumer has as a general rule the right of withdrawal. If the distance agreement refers to a product manufactured according to the consumer’s instructions or has a clear personal touch, the consumer and the trader may cancel the right of withdrawal. By agreeing to this agreement, you also agree that the right of withdrawal does not apply to the purchase of custom-ordered products from Blugiallo AB regarding shirts, suits, jackets, coats or other custom-made / custom-made products.

Personal information

Blugiallo AB personal data manager for the processing of the personal data that you as a customer provide to us at events and via our website. Your personal information will be processed by Blugiallo to administer the customer relationship and provide you with the best possible service. Personal data or email address is not disclosed to independent parties.

Fit guarantee as a first-time customer

As part of our service, Blugiallo offers all new customers a fit guarantee that includes the cost of easier tailor-made modifications.

As a customer, you are responsible for returning within 10 days after receipt with any comments regarding fit and any need for change. Otherwise, the delivered product and fit are considered accepted and approved. If you want to make changes, you as a customer must return with the desired change, motivation and picture of the item described. This is sent to:

Below are examples of changes covered by the warranty:

Short / extend trouser length
Lay out / take in pants width
Waist adjustment shirt
Waist adjustment jacket
It is always up to Blugiallo to decide whether or not the garment needs a tailor’s intervention. The purpose of the guarantee is not to include minor adjustments that cannot be considered visible.

For tailor-made changes, the following amount limits apply:

Adjustment jacket 40 €
Adjustment costume 40 €
Adjustment pants 20 €
Shirt adjustment 20 €
If the cost of the adjustment exceeds stated amounts, the remaining part of the customer is paid.

When approving the guarantee application, you as a customer can submit your garment to the local tailor for change. This is to be done in consultation with Blugiallo and by using the guarantee you, as a customer, undertake to return the following to Blugiallo:

Receipt from tailor with specified changes made.
Information about what changes have been made and changed dimensions (in cm).
Receipt and info are sent to
Then your final invoice is credited with the amount of the tailor changes made. The new dimensions are updated and added to your profile for future orders.

Force majeure

Blugiallo AB is exempt from the penalty for failure to fulfill certain obligations under this agreement, if the failure has its basis in the exempting circumstance as below and the circumstance prevents, complicates or delays the fulfillment. To be considered a liberating circumstance, government action or omission, new or changed legislation, labor market conflict, blockade, fire, flood, sabotage, major-scale accident or other type of natural disaster. Force majeure includes government decisions that have a negative impact on the market and products, eg. restrictions in indication, warning texts, ban on sales, etc., abnormal decline in the market and whether the company is exposed to criminal activity affecting the business.


Complaints or comments regarding Blugiallo AB’s services or products should be communicated to Blugiallo AB’s customer service via or telephone 033-13 10 00 (weekdays from 08-17). If you are not satisfied with our handling of your case, you are welcome to contact your local consumer advisor or the General Complaints Board (ARN). We always follow ARN’s recommendations. You can also turn to the EU dispute resolution.