Wedding suit guide

Whether it’s your own, or if you are an attendee, weddings are the perfect time to try Blugiallo. We have put together what we think is the most important to consider before choosing what to wear – enjoy!

Suits for wedding

For us, it is always important to produce garments based on our customers’ unique needs and preferences, regardless of area of ​​use or occasion. But perhaps this is even more important when choosing wedding attire. Of course, a wedding is about so much more than the clothes – but they will always play an important role in your personal appearance, confidence and the feeling you want to create and convey. This is exactly what we at Blugiallo love to help our customers with. In this article, we will map out and answer some of the most common questions our clients have and face before picking the right wedding attire. We hope to guide and inspire you whether you are planning your own wedding or attending as a guest. And to make it easier, we sort out a few of the most common ‘mistakes’ and explain why the simple, classic elegant look is usually the best option.

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Shortlist to the perfect wedding attire

Dress code

Did you win the seasonal wedding lottery? No, of course the dress code at a wedding is ultimately up to those who get married, but in many cases this also reflects personality, social circle and family traditions. Generally, people talk about three main dress codes; Black tie, Tuxedo and suit. At Blugiallo, we work with helping our customers to select the perfect option according to the dress codes of the wedding they are attending.

Personalize your look

We do not recommend you to be too expressive. A suit or tuxedo may sound conservative, but if you dig a little deeper, there are many aspects to consider that leave room for personal touches, such as the choice of fabric, the design and accessories. And most important of all, of course, is the fit – a tailored suit will highlight the positive aspects of your body and create a better overall impression, regardless of any other choice regarding design and fabric.

Choosing fabric

The dress code for example determines whether you should choose a dark blue or gray suit fabric, or whether you have room for a different, lighter tone scale depending on the season. The degree of formality in turn indicates both the type of structure in the fabric that one should choose, but also which details in the form of design. A good example is whether you want a suit with a lot of luster (high formality), or if you instead want to work with a lot of structure in the fabric, which usually gives a more casual impression. Don’t worry, if you need any help with selecting the perfect fabric, we are here to help.

Design options

The design choices on a wedding suit are naturally related to the fabric you have chosen. If you have chosen a more formal fabric with a lot of luster, we would recommend that you also choose a formal approach in the design as well. The design is also intertwined with what properties and uses you want your suit to have. We’ll go through the possible and recommended design options in detail with you if you wish.

The finishing touch

Our general advice for accessories for a wedding suit is to keep it as bare as possible and to (just like with the choice of shirt), follow the structure of the fabric of the suit. A folded handkerchief in the same fabric as the shirt is both the simplest and most elegant choice of an accessory in our opinion. When it comes to the tie, our recommendation is to always choose the quality that most closely resembles the fabric structure of the suit. It can be, for example, a grenadine tie if you have chosen a fabric with a little more structure, or alternatively a silk tie if you have chosen the formal option with a lot of luster.

Bride, groom or attendee?

Even though our primary focus when it comes to weddings is to help dress the men attending it. We would love to help you beyond that – and for that reason we’ve set up contacts with some of the best jewelers and bridal dressmakers. It would be our absolute pleasure if you let us do the honor of introducing you to them. Anything to ease your mind from browsing the huge selection of manufacturers out there. Book a free digital consultation with us and we will take it from there.