Wedding season, act three – Wear

Your ”where” is important for knowing what to wear. Being in the spotlight can be a cause for higher body temperatures and if you add a Riviera wedding in mid-July on top, it can become overwhelming, if, you choose the wrong fabric for the occasion. On the other hand, if you consider it properly, that Mediterranean breeze can slide right through your airy, tropical wool tuxedo and act a life saver.


Whether you’re attending a Tuscan villa ceremony, a leisure Capri wedding weekend or an old manor in Burgundy (naturally it’s one of these three..), you want to convert the “where” into “wear”. The allure and history of the place makes all the difference in choosing the right type of fabrics and style of your clothes.

The process of choosing the right type of fabric, design and fit is best done together with someone from our team, however we’ve made a list of some of our (and our clients) favourite Ceremonial “where and wears”.

If you or your friend’s wedding doesn’t fit above, no worries – as for fabrics, we’ve got pretty much the whole world map covered.

Capri is always a good choice we've been told.

Why Custom made

A good suit gives a man confidence. It adds instant pizzazz, and there is hardly anything more satisfactory than gliding into a comfortable elegant jacket.

At Blugiallo, we are passionate about this part. What we do is to give you that confidence, which can only be achieved with a custom-made fit, and never with clothes off the rack.

The beauty of custom-made tailoring is also that it offers many options to truly create something unique. Not only for this season’s weddings and parties, but to wear for many years to come. While detailing is an important and fun part in the process, you should really concentrate on three things: the fabric, the function and the fit.

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Fabric quick dive

If you won the wedding lottery and have a summer ceremony to look forward to, fabrics such as fresco, linen, and silk are superb choices for many reasons. Fresco fabric creates a beautiful drape and that natural, elegant appearance you want, A perfect choice for tailored garments such as suits and trousers. More on a few specific fabrics below.

Fresco and other high twist wool characterized by its structured surface, are excellent options to wear in warm weather. The tighter the twist, the more structured and robust the yarn, giving the finalized garment a lustrous and wrinkle-free surface. You’ll love it!

Linen is another of our favourites, that work great with other structured weaves. Durable and wearable and most compatible with a dreamy summer wedding. Don’t worry about the creasing of a linen suit – it’s meant to give you that exact unique patina and you do best to embrace it with flair. If you like something a bit more smooth and elegant – choose a wool, silk and linen blend instead. The ‘WSL’ combination is an absolutely perfect fabric for a super elegant, understated luxury look.

In general, you can really use textures to bring any outfit to life. The optimal pairing would be a shirt with the same structure and characteristics as the suit and your accessories (tie or bowtie).

As for silk, well, that’s taking it to another level. A raw silk dinner jacket is probably THE most elegant piece one could wear to a high summer wedding or any festivity requiring a classic jacket. The texture, the lustre, the ultra-soft feel – it is truly unmatched and a unique experience in the craftsmanship of tailoring as the fibre itself is tremendously delicate and time-consuming to work with. A black raw silk dinner jacket paired with a cotton & silk trouser will provide more of a ‘modern interpretation’.

Overall, selecting silk, linen, fresco, and mixes with wool will secure a look that functions very well for high summer. And fabrics providing cooling features will definitely be needed when the temperature heats up.

Colour-wise, why not challenge yourself? With temperatures rising, you can experiment with brighter colours in the less formal outfits. Our team will help you pick the perfect hue to match your appearance.

A 2-piece or 3-piece suit is up to you. Single breasted dinner jacket or double breasted suit a matter of choice. Either way you go, you’ll move in the right direction. If you stick to the basic rule of working with the same structure in suit/jacket and shirt, you’re going to look impeccable.

As for the fit, we’ll show you why it is time to drop your insatiable appetite for oversize or ultra-slim. Proportion is everything. It’s about enhancing the silhouette of a man, for that elegant, timeless well-tailored look. Luckily for you, that is exactly what we do.

And remember, let the location, setting and dress code form the frame. Our advisors will help you with the rest.