Wedding season, act one – Who

The wedding season is officially here. Hear, hear! No matter if you are the lucky one saying yes to your spouse to be, or if you are invited as guest, you will experience one of the best moments in life.

The Groom

Congratulations! Getting married is a big deal, and this day is all about you and the one you love.

And a part from that, it’s also about your outfit, of course. For sure, you want everything to be perfect; the ceremony, the reception, the meal, the feel, and your appearance. At Blugiallo we put great value on a couple of things, with all our clients during this special occasion. Comfort and confidence. These are key aspects of most situations in life, but needless to say, extra important during a wedding and we know how to craft it.

You as the groom set the tone for your guests. The more comfortable you are, the more amazing memories will be created. So, trust us. Let go of your worries. And remember, regardless of the formality of the dress code, let your personality shine through. In the end, your clothes are an extension of who you are. And that, friend – is why custom made tailoring is the only option.

Raw silk dinner jacket


So, your wingman is getting married? That means most of the pressure is on you! Having been chosen as best man is an honour and a privilege. You need to know your role, and what’s expected of you. That includes showing up, on time, dressed accordingly and well groomed, and ready to lend a helping hand to groom and guests. You are also expected to give a speech. Start writing it well in advance (you will thank us for this advice).

Make sure you don’t overshine your best friend. And equally important – make sure you don’t ruin the picture by wearing something with an off size or color. If your friend (groom) has deep pockets, make him sponsor your custom made outfit.

Friends, drinks and custom made tailoring

Gather the pack

Private events

Through our showroom or travelling tailor setup, we arrange tailored private events (pun intended) for small groups. A perfect setup for groom and groomsman.


Being a guest at a wedding is probably the most delightful of all roles. The pressure is off, and you can simply enjoy the day to the fullest. If you are on top of things. Cause certain rules apply to be a great wedding guest. Be punctual. Leave your gripes at home. Be respectful and follow the dress code without exception (do not ‘free base’). When guests are well dressed, it creates the setting and atmosphere that the wedding couple have stride for. What could be more elegant than that?

Wedding crasher

Naturally, we do not support crashing a wedding. There is probably a good reason why you are not invited. However, if you do decide to come crashing in, you should of course do it in style! Dress for the occasion. Always use your best manners. Offer a toast to the happy couple. Never use your real name, and if anyone asks, you’re a distant relative of a dead second cousin.