The Soft Jacket – a contemporary staple

In a world where the need for tailoring is changing rapidly, there is no choice but to change with it – evolve, design, develop and create. Our latest edition to the casually tailored wardrobe is perhaps the best example of this change. As luxurious as it is comfortable, we’re proud to introduce our very first drop of the Soft Jacket.

Introducing the soft jacket

Our latest edition to the casually tailored wardrobe is as luxurious as it is comfortable – we are very proud to introduce our very first drop of the Soft Jacket.

We are continuously looking to broaden our product line to be able to better cater to a wider variety of needs. With our vision to fill the gap between casual and formal wear with a product that can stand for a “smart but casual” look, we developed the soft jacket.  

The soft jackets is a hybrid between the unconstructed jacket and knit cardigan. It makes sure you are effortlessly well dressed and is, more than anything, a complimentary product in your excising closet. When a jacket feels too formal, and just knitwear a bit casual, the soft jacket will be your go-to piece, wether you are on a Sunday lunch or heading back to the office.  

The fit our Soft Jacket is a bit more straight (than a formal jacket) in its shape and has a slightly extended shoulder to create that casual and comfortable feeling.

Whether you are in the mood to wear denim, corduroy or dress pants, the soft jacket completes your look perfectly, and most likely, you’ll find that it will become an easy go-to for your everyday needs. With a soft, beautiful, drape the soft jacket will complete your casual tailoring wardrobe. See all of our soft jackets here

The construction of the soft jacket

Unlike our jackets, the soft jacket is completely unconstructed, without canvas in the front part, and always unlined. It only has a small layer of canvas on top of the shoulders to create a soft shoulder line. The make combined with the 3 roll 2 button closure gives a perfect transeasonal and casual piece, great for layering. Wear it with a shirt, a knitted rollneck or a classic long sleeve polo depending on context. For colder winter days, it is a great indoor jacket and thanks to its softness, it feels like wearing a relaxed cardigan. 

We like to say that confidence begins with comfort and few garments are as comfortable as our soft jacket. The soft, unconstructed, make combined with well selected (often structured) fabrics creates a jacket that you want to wear every day of the week. If you are searching for the feeling of contemporary luxury, we would recommend the wool and cashmere blend. For most people, cashmere do not need any further introduction, but you cannot mention too many times how comfortable it is to wear. The material blend, combined with a structured and matte surface, creates a versatile garment for many occasions. 

The cotton wool blend

We are also happy to introduce a cotton and wool blend to the soft jacket selection. The cotton gives the fabric a nice structure and the wool contributes with comfort. As you may have figured out, we love earthy tones, and this product is not an exception. Combine it with denim and a beige flannel shirt for a contemporary, luxurious look. 

When it comes to natural stretch, and thereby comfort, our soft jacket in jersey is the one to talk about. Thanks to the jersey weave we can create a jacket in 100% wool with unbeatable movability. A midnight blue tone is of course a true classic but not without reason, since the possibilities for combinations are almost endless. 

Although our online selection of soft jackets cover a nice base – if you’re looking for a special fabric or color, we have almost endless possibilities with our “cut length” programme (fabrics ordered directly from the mills to create your garment). Schedule an appointment online or to our showroom and we’ll hook you up.