We're not the first to design a shirt jacket, for good reasons it took us a while. But when we did - we developed a timeless design, sourced the best fabrics and made sure it will become an absolute go-to in your wardrobe.

Shirt jacket

Shirt jacket fabrics

As usual you can choose between almost all our hundreds of fabrics to create your custom tailored shirt jacket. But we also have our preferred fabrics that we think enhances the use for this jacket. That is why we’ve handpicked three different fabric qualities with different characteristics perfect for your custom tailored shirt jacket. The first one is heavy cotton twill that express casual elegance. Thanks to the matte surface of the cotton fabric, it is versatile and easy to combine. It has the potential to be a true go-to piece in your Blugiallo wardrobe. 

The second fabric is a corduroy in a wool and cotton blend. The blend gives the shirt jacket a nice luster and a super soft feeling thanks to the wool. It is simply a modern interpretation of a classic fabric. Corduroy garments in general, and the corduroy shirt jacket in particular, are statement pieces in the modern man’s wardrobe. 

Last, but not least, we’re happy to present the wool and cashmere blend. This fabric creates a shirt jacket that express contemporary luxury like few others. Thanks to its luxurious feeling these shirt jackets works on most occasions. If you are looking for a garment that can handle the transition from the office to drinks and dinner with friends, this is the one.

If you are interested in creating a completely unique shirt jacket from a special fabric, you can also schedule an appointment to our showroom or online. Our team will help you find specific fabric through our ‘Cut Length’ service (fabrics sourced directly from the mills to production of your garment).

When we say our shirt jacket isn't like anyone else's, we mean it. Its handcrafted and uniquely produced according to your measurements, needs and preferences.

Mix & match

Style the shirt jacket

Looks that we love to create wearing the shirt jacket is for example by wearing a nice pair of our selvedge denim in combination with our knitted pieces and topping it off with either a great pair of sneakers or for a more dressed up look, a pair of loafers.  

For colder winter days, the shirt jacket works great as a stylish option for an indoor jacket. Wear it with flannel trousers, a contemporary shirt and a pair of suede loafers to find the perfect balance between formal and causal. In other words, the shirt jacket is a piece you can trust – all year around.