Proper garment care

Clothing care does not have to steal your time. With a small effort you can significantly increase the life of the garments and make sure they stay fresh and do not lose fit over time. In this article, we will give you all the tips and information you need to know to prolong the lifetime of your wardrobe pieces.

Proper garment care

Wearing a Blugiallo suit for the first time should be a pleasant experience for you as a customer, where elegance, comfort and a unique sense of garment exclusivity. It is a feeling that we are happy to see you keep for a long time – which you will also get, as long as you also give the garments some love in return. Clothing care does not have to steal your time. With small effort you can significantly increase the life of the garments and make sure they stay fresh and do not lose the fit over time. In this guide we will go into the topic and give you tip on how to best take care of the suit, why you should avoid dry cleaning, the importance of letting the garments rest after use and some more.

Initially, it is important to point out that different materials and weaves differ and therefore require different care. This is also why we always go through needs and preferences with you as a Blugiallo customer, to best match your garments according to how their use. A good basic rule to remember, however, is that a suit (which often consists of 100% wool or in a wool blend) is not a garment that can be worn and worn every day like a denim trouser. We always recommend that you let the suit hang out and “rest” (at least 24 hours) after you have used it for a whole day. Wool has fantastic properties (such as the ability to exhale and clean itself – more on this further down) but it requires that you allow the garments to recover.

Five easy steps for better care of the suit

  • Let the garments recover and do not wear the same suit for several days in a row.
  • Use good hangers and always hang the garments out carefully with maintained press creases.
  • Avoid dry cleaning as far as possible.
  • Submit the suit for pressing when needed.
  • Use cloth brush and cedar products.

Structure the wardrobe

A couple of basic prerequisites for the garment to maintain its good shape over time is to hang the garment correctly and to use the correct type of hanger. Take the habit of always hanging up your trousers in press folds after use to maintain an elegant pressed trousers. Precisely the creased is not something we recommend you try to iron out yourself, but we suggest you hand it into a tailor (as a Blugiallo customer you can come to us with advantage) who is in control of this moment. The hanger for a blazer should have a wide shaft depth to fill in the entire blazer’s shoulder and may prefer to be in cedar tree that has an absorbent function against moisture. If you do not have hangers in cedar, it may still be a good idea to buy cedar rings or similar to help protect your garments from moths and other pests in the closet.

How to handle stains

A common mistake many people make when discovering a stain on their suit is that they go straight to the dry cleaning. This is something that we do not recommend as all natural fibers and especially wool are damaged by it. Wool and other natural materials have a natural fat content which is dried out by the chemicals during a dry wash. The result is a brittle material that may eventually cause the garment to break. A better alternative is to use a cloth and lukewarm water on the stains. We recommend using dry cleaning only on occasional occasions. The grease of the wool, also called lanolin, means that dirt does not penetrate as easily but instead settles on the surface of the material, it is usually said that the wool cleans itself. To air the garment outdoor can also do wonders for unwanted reek.

Wear your suit

Wear of the suit is something that cannot be avoided, but there are tips to be gained both in the care of the garment we have been in, but also in the tailoring process of the garment. A common occurrence of standard-size suits is that they tend to be too small in some lots. This can affect the wear that goes faster in that particular section (commonly found on narrow suit pants for example). At Blugiallo, when measuring, we always take into consideration what you have for body type and how wear and tear will possibly be affected. Generally, however, suit pants tend to wear out faster than the associated blazer (as a result of its use), which is why we often recommend you as a customer to buy an extra pant, especially if you want to use the suit pants for other garments.

Clothing care products

Finally, it may be good to mention which products can be good to procure in order to handle the garments properly. A proper clothing brush that you can easily brush with jacket, trousers and outer garments is a good foundation. The brush usually removes dirt and odour that settles on the surface of the garment. Something we also want to say about is to get a steamer that you can gently let go of the garment to give the garment a refresh, which also works on a variety of other garments, not least the shirt wardrobe. The steamer, with the help of heat and steam, has the effect of smoothing out any folding. However, caution is the guiding principle when using steamer on a blazer, as construction and rolling of blows are sensitive parts of the blazer. You will find a variety of good clothing care products at, including clothes brushes, cedar hangers and other things.

To end up our reasoning about clothing care and especially the suit, the way you take care of them results in the clothing you will be walking around in and there are both financial as well as sustainability aspects to why you should spend some time on this. We hope our words can help you make even better use of your current and upcoming Blugiallo garments!