Men’s fall and winter clothes – Guide

Fall and winter are our favorite times of the year when it comes to the menswear wardrobe. As the temperature drops, you can finally wear heavier fabrics with a beautiful drape, but above all, it gives the opportunity to combine several layers. This gives room for creativity, which may scare some people but get dressed in the morning should be inspiring, not scary, and therefore this article will guide you through the key winter garments.


Flannel garments are probably the “MVP” of fall and winter. Fewer things will serve you as good as a flannel suit, jacket or trouser during the colder months of the year. Flannel is known to be a very versatile fabric and with its brushed texture you can either wear the full flannel suit or easily wear each part on its own. It’s an easy way to maximize its use.

What’s flannel?

A common misunderstanding is that flannel is a certain material, where it is actually a finish. Flannel fabrics can be described as a matte, brushed surface which creates a soft and semi casual impression. Flannel fabrics can be both cotton, which is most common for shirts, and wool. Wool flannel is what is used for trousers, jackets and suits.

How to wear it

As we have mentioned, flannel is one of the most versatile fabrics and garments. A flannel suit and its separate pieces are suitable for a wide range of occasions, largely thanks to the rich texture. Combine your flannel suit with a wool/cashmere rollneck for a comfortable smart casual look. For a more formal look, wear your flannel suit with a royal oxford shirt and tie.

The flannel trouser is definitely a key piece in the fall/winter closet. It is comfortable and easy to combine with other garments such as shirts, knitwear and shirt jackets. The most classic one is probably the mid grey flannel trouser which you can combine with both earthy tones and classic blues. If you are looking for something in a darker tone, we would highly recommend the black flannel trouser. Together with the baby camel shirt jacket and a black cashmere/silk crew neck it creates a casual, yet luxurious, outfit that is perfect for cocktails with friends.

Flannel suits in grey scale


Few materials feel as luxurious and soft as cashmere. Cashmere, and cashmere blends, creates a nice luster and will keep you warm during the colder part of the year. We are happy to offer this amazing quality both for knitwear and jackets.


If you want to add casual luxury to your closet, cashmere knitwear is the way to do it. It is great both for layering and as statement pieces. The cashmere fibers create a soft feeling against the body. Few or no garments will be as comfortable.

The urban outdoor vest in pure cashmere is a modern take on layering. When a jacket feels too formal, but you want to wear something more than just a shirt, this is the perfect option. It creates a classy, yet smart casual, impression and it is easily combined with most garments. If you are looking for a warm and comfortable piece for your days off the Sestriere cashmere polo in off white is the one to go for. The 4-ply knit will keep you warm and contributes to a nice structure in the garment. It will not be unnoticed that you are wearing something special.

Next, we want to introduce you to a luxurious layering piece in a blend of cashmere and silk. Just when you thought you could not find anything softer than cashmere, we have created the cashmere/silk crew neck. It is the perfect balance between casual and elegance where the silk contributes to some luster to the garment. This is perfect to wear directly towards your body and preferably underneath a jacket or a shirt jacket. When you replace the shirt with a cashmere/silk crew neck you bring down the formality without losing the sartorial touch.

Jackets and shirt jackets

What to wear with your cashmere knitwear if not a jacket or shirt jacket with cashmere? A brushed cashmere/wool fabric is a great choice for a semi casual office look or if you are going for dinner with friends. One of our favorites is the ‘WCT’ wool cashmere jacket in camel. It is a statement piece both in terms of tone, texture and material. Easily combined with either flannel trousers or a pair of denims, and of course, a cashmere roll neck.

If a jacket feels like a too formal option, the shirt jacket is the layering piece to go for. A wool/cashmere shirt jacket in light grey is a great casual option to a jacket. Wear it with a midnight blue piquet and off-white selvedge denims for a casual and comfortable look at the office. You can also dress it up with tie and flannel trousers for evening festivities. When people tend to dress more casually, the shirt jacket has become a key piece for the modern man.

Overcoats for men

As the temperature drops, we can finally start to wear overcoats again. A heavy wool overcoat will keep you both warm and elegant during fall, winter and early spring. Whether you are going for a classic midnight blue one, or more expressive taupe, a proper overcoat is a must have.

  • Dark blue overcoat
  • Taupe overcoat
  • Fit

The dark blue overcoat is the most classic one. It is perfect for formal occasions as well as with a pair of denims for your Sunday afternoon stroll. The heavy wool fabric is durable, as well as rain and wind resistant. It is simply a garment you can always rely on.

If you are looking for something slightly more expressive, we would recommend the capo taupe coat. It has the same attributes as the dark blue one in terms of durability and water and wind resistance, but thanks to its color tone it stands out from the crowd. The taupe coat is beautiful to combine with earthy tones, as well as your classic blues and greys.

When it comes to the fit of the overcoat, we highly recommend a quite classic cut. It creates a nice shape as well as room for comfort. Another important, if not the most important, aspect is the length. As you may suspect, we prefer to wear our overcoats a bit longer. It contributes to the classic cut, but it has also the practical aspect of keeping the wearer warm and dry.

Cashmere accessories

Did you think we are done talking about cashmere? Sorry friend, you are wrong. As the icing on the cake, we have introduced both scarves and beanies in pure cashmere. These are accessories that will keep you both warm and elegant.