Mens chinos guide

What really characterizes a pair of good chinos? Why do chinos have an obvious place in the men’s wardrobe? And how do we best create a good match for them? This article aims to answer all those questions while giving you a few extra tips on how to make good use of your chinos.

Our way to go about the chino is a more dressed way – which is the result of a lot of work on design, quality, and fit in harmony. The chino fit we recommend makes use for a variety of occasions both when it comes every day and on weekends. The properties make the trousers more casual than wool trousers and at the same time more dressed than denim, in between these two classics the chino trousers have an obvious place in the base wardrobe.

Mens chinos - the history

To understand the use of the men’s chinos, we must first look back at the story behind them. The men’s chinos have a history that goes back about a hundred years and the quality is often referred to as a more stylish alternative to the established denim jeans.

However, the story begins with the British army which began to use the cotton material for its durability and compliance which made the trousers ideal for the army’s work in the field. The color most strongly associated with chinos is undoubted the beige/brown ‘khaki’ color which originated in the British uniform. As the pants spread in the army, they came to create influences for use in other contexts as well. During the development of the ‘Preppy’ style in the 50s and 60s, cotton pants came to play a significant role. A style that many universities in the US and the UK paved the way for, where the trousers were characterized by a slightly wider silhouette and trousers finish, preferably in a beige color.

The modern way chinos

As standard, we would recommend beige chinos with belt buckles, simple pleating, and a cuff finish at the end of the pants which gives a slightly more tailored look. With these design choices, the trouser becomes more stylish and more suitable to wear with a jacket and shirt. These elements give the chinos a more tailored feel as well as a more luxurious appearance, easily worn with for example a knitted garment at the top. The chinos serve as the middle ground between denim and the more formal suit trousers. This makes it a perfect garment to wear to work cause you won’t look too formally dressed or too casual. Basically the perfect balance in between. Check out all of our chinos here.

Chinos color choice

Beige, brown or navy? How to know what color to go for? When choosing your first pair of dressed chinos you really should reflect on what you will wear the most, down to what color goes with your current wardrobe and for what season it will be used. Some favorites of our customers are the beige chino in a cotton twill, perhaps the most classic chino and the first thing that comes to mind. A black chino perhaps in cotton twill, highly elegant to wear with a piece of knitwear and a matching belt. Due to the versatility of the black chino trouser it deserves a spot in the modern mans wardrobe. Although not as big of a staple as the beige or off white chinos trousers which are an absolute must!

Since chinos are a more relaxed and semi casual trouser the styling naturally follows the same path. Wear a pair of beige chinos with a washed denim shirt during spring, preferably with a custom tailored cashmere sweater over the shoulders. The same pair could also be used with a tailored jacket and a white shirt to the office, highlighting the versatility of the chino trouser. A pair of black chino trousers would be perfect for a night out with friends, preferably worn with a soft jacket, a matching black piquet shirt and a pair of black loafers.

Our favorite choices for chinos

  • Beige cotton twill
  • White cotton twill
  • Black cotton twill
  • Brown corduroy
  • Blue moleskin

Our chinos fabrics

Our chinos are produced in Italy with selected fabrics that are particularly well suited for a chinos trousers. Among other things, we work with the weaving mill Olimpias, which is one of the world’s foremost in the production of high quality cotton fabrics.

We usually work with three different qualities; cotton twill, corduroy and moleskin. Cotton twill comes in a washed quality of 310 grams. This quality is perhaps the one we associate most with the classic chino pants. Corduroy is a narrow gauge manchester in cotton with a weight of 410g and hence more suitable for colder weather. The moleskin fabric is made out of 98% cotton and 2% elastane and is brushed to create a soft suede like feel. A pair of moleskin chinos are a great way to elevate a casual outfit and make it a bit more interesting. All of our fabrics come in several colors. Every fabric has its advantages and our experts are happy to help you find the right one online or through our showroom.

Heavy cotton twill chinos fabric

Chinos fit

The fit of a pair of Blugiallo chinos is adapted just like any other garment according to your unique body measurements. When measuring, we can, for example, adjust the waist size, waist height, thigh-knee-foot width and the length of the pants. When it comes to the fit of a dressed-up chinos, we prefer to work with a well-tailored trousers with a clear case, a slightly higher waist and a width of the pants that does not go out of time. It creates a trouser that is just as stylish to wear, together with a shirt or knitted sweater, as to a more dressy style with a jacket on top. Regardless if you prefer lighter tones or always aim for a darker look you can always trust that a pair of chinos will do the work. A beige chino trouser or even a pair of crisp white chinos will look just as good as dark brown chinos or even pitch black if you want to go all the way depending on the styling.  To create you own fit profile or alter your existing one visit our showrooms or book schedule a consultation here.

Chinos off white