How to wear corduroy

As time has passed corduroy garments have experienced both ups and downs in terms of popularity but with its durability, versatility, and high level of comfort, we definitely think corduroy deserves its place in the spotlight this fall.

In this article, we will explain what it actually is, where it comes from, and how to wear it.

What is corduroy?

When dressing for colder months corduroy is definitely among the top three of our favorite fabrics to choose from.
The characteristic of the corduroy is its distinctive texture, often referred to as “cord” or “wale”. Corduroy is therefore described by the type of weave, not the material itself.

The most common material for corduroy garments is cotton. To add luster and softness to the garments we often work with a blend of cotton and wool. This blend gives the garments a luxurious feeling and they are comfortable to wear all day.

The origin of the corduroy fabric dates all the way back to ancient Egypt and increased during the industrial revolution in England and initially the fabric was exclusively used for workwear thanks to its durability and mobility.

Benefits of corduroy:

  • Comfortable
  • Durable
  • Warm
  • Highly versatile
  • Extremely stylish

Brown corduroy shirt jacket

How to fit corduroy into your wardrobe

When deciding on what corduroy garments to get you first and foremost want to look at the existing pieces in your wardrobe, as we always recommend.

Do you wear more formal garments? What colors do you currently have and enjoy? Once you get a good sense of what you have to build upon you can start the hunt for the perfect custom-tailored corduroy garment.

Corduroy garments will give you a great variety of options when it comes to combinations. One of our favorites is styling a pair of brown corduroy pants with a beige heavy cotton shirt jacket and an off-white piquet shirt. Keep the color scheme intact and you can never go wrong. If you want to go all in on the movie director look, we recommend the brown corduroy suit.

Wear it with a knitted roll neck to increase the creative expression of the outfit. All kidding aside, this is a very elegant way to wear corduroy in a more formal way if you don’t want to go for a crisp shirt and a knitted tie.

Looking for a more casual yet tailored outfit? Then the corduroy shirt jacket is the way to go. Choose between the brown or perhaps taupe corduroy jacket, wear it with a pair of high-rise jeans and an oxford shirt and you will have an outfit that works seven days a week.

When do I wear corduroy?

Since corduroy has such a rich texture the garments work best for casual and semi-casual occasions. Not only are the formalities toned down a step or two by the structure, but it also provides a lot of versatility to the garment.

A pair of corduroy trousers will serve you well in a casual office environment, dinner with friends, or a Sunday stroll. In our opinion, they are just as amazing in the city as in the countryside. The corduroy suit jacket is perhaps one of the most versatile corduroy garments in terms of formality. It can be worn as the full suit with a crisp shirt and tie, as well as separately with a pair of denim and a piece of knitwear during the weekend.
The structure combined with the soft touch and feel gives you a garment that is both comfortable and full of expression. You can even use it as outerwear during the spring and fall.
If you feel like a corduroy suit jacket is too formal for your lifestyle, you can choose to custom tailor this excellent fabric as a shirt jacket instead. A corduroy shirt jacket is a great piece for layering. This is a choice that is both comfortable and casual yet tailored.

What corduroy pieces should I have?

If you want to get the most out of your purchase we highly recommend going for a corduroy suit, preferably in an earthy tone. It will go with almost anything! The corduroy suit jacket, as previously mentioned, will work well as both a piece of outerwear and as a classic blazer (not to mention as a full suit!). This way you will get as much use out of the wardrobe space as possible, without compromising on style and function. If you are only going to get one of the two we would go for the trousers, perhaps the most classic of all corduroy garments.
If you need some more inspiration on how to style corduroy, here are some absolute corduroy beauties!

The corduroy trouser

A pair of custom tailored corduroy trousers should really be a staple in every modern man’s wardrobe. Stylish enough to wear with a semi-formal attire, yet casual enough to be worn as sweatpants around the house. Now that’s what we call versatility!
Deciding on how to design your garments is always tricky but also the most fun part when buying custom made, the corduroy trousers are no different. Our personal favorite is to design them with side-adjusters, a single pleat, and a 5cm cuff at the end. This way you get a properly tailored trouser for the more dressed-up looks while still being suitable to wear more casually, much thanks to the texter of the fabric.