Tuxedo fabric and color choice

Black or midnight blue are undoubtedly the most classic colors for a tuxedo, and work in all situations. If you also want to be able to supplement with more jackets in the future, black is the best option as you can wear black tuxedo trousers together with a number of other dark fabrics, such as a velvet jacket. Regarding fabric, we usually use a fabric with a mixture of wool and mohair that gives an increased luster compared to a regular wool fabric. For those of you who are only satisfied with the best, we recommend our ‘Barathea weaves’ which have a completely unique structure and luster.


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Tuxedo - Design and fit

Both single- and double-buttoned can be seen as a classic when it comes to the jacket of a tuxedo. When it comes to the lapels on the jacket, we recommend pointed ‘peak lapels’ or ‘shawl lapels’ which are undoubtedly the most common. Otherwise, “trust Blugiallo” is a good rule of thumb for you who are unsure when it comes to pockets and details. We always recommend a classic choice that stands the test of time for the exact fabric you choose.

We are often asked how the fit differs between a tuxedo and a suit. When it comes to the fit of your tuxedo, we have a Blugiallo motto and that is that you should be able to wear it (and be elegant in it) for many years to come – just like in your suits. This means that we usually do not need to adjust anything on the fit from a suit and can use the same measurements. What we adjust in some cases is the length of the pants, which are welcome to reach down properly on top of the shoe. The same applies to the length of the jacket, which in many cases may be a few centimeters longer (together with a lower button position) on a tuxedo.

An important part of the tuxedo is of course the details. On a tuxedo, you always have dressed lapels in silk (shiny or structured), which are also matched with a stripe on the side of your trousers and with the option of fabric covered buttons. What we also recommend is to choose a bow tie in matching fabric. Last but not least, you also want to choose a shirt in a fabric and design that suits your tuxedo. We help you with everything, from the details to bringing the whole look together.

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