Guide- Fall/winter in Soft Tailoring

Blugiallo’s DNA and our own stylistic interpretation of garments in soft material with a lot of structure, we call ‘Soft Tailoring’. Probably the best example is our unpainted and unconstructed jackets that are synonymous with contemporary luxury – uncompromising quality combined with a modern style interpretation.

Soft tailoring

Wearing a jacket or a pair of trousers should be comfortable and under our Soft Tailoring department, the focus is on finding comfortable, casual and well-tailored garments that you never want to be without, whether at work, at dinner or at home. couch.

What also characterises the style is the ability to combine the garments in a simple way, where, for example, our knitted garments and pop-over shirts in piquet quality contribute to the relaxed expression. A merino quality in ‘polo shirt’ model is another stylish combination for jacket. Jeans are the obvious choice for a trouser in a relaxed Soft Tailoring spirit. Raw denim in selvedge construction suits you who love classic crafts, while our hand-washed ‘soft stretch’ denim offers an even more comfortable and relaxed choice. Given that each pair of jeans is tailor-made and manufactured uniquely and partially by hand in Veneto, Italy (of the world’s leading denim fabrics), we proudly claim that a pair of Blugiallo jeans is a very special garment.

Casual outfits

The best way to compose outfits is often to think about occasion and scope. We have selected two combinations that we like to carry in more open context. Corduroy (manchester fabric) is a good choice for full costume if you want to combine both pants and jacket for a variety of other occasions and garments. You can find more Soft Tailoring inspiration in this article.Kn


A heavy knit polo is a perfect garment for the weekend or other vacations. Combine it with jeans or a pair of corduroy with a more casual shirt, for example our oxford stretch quality. This fall, we will launch our made to measure line of knitwear. As with many other garments, we like a lighter camel-colored tone that works perfectly directly under a jacket or as a layer on top of a casual shirt.