Guide – Elias tips on key winter garments

Autumn and winter are a nice time to get dressed. It gives the opportunity to wear heavier qualities that make both the jacket and trousers fall elegantly, but above all it gives the opportunity to combine several layers. Autumn gives room for creativity, which can certainly scare some people. Therefore, my tip when it comes to the fall wardrobe is clear; keep it simple and dare to wear bright colors.

A bright and somber colors

 Creativity when it comes to dressing does not necessarily have to be about daring to combine colors and patterns with each other, wearing a monochromatic outfit can be just as creative. A somber and monochromatic color scheme gives a very elegant impression and contributes to a feeling of comfortable luxury.

Colors that you associate with autumn are often dark and gloomy, but that does not have to be the case. Instead, I let texture and material describe the season and wear light tones even during fall and winter. Therefore, lighter gray and beige garments in combination with broken white tones have an obvious place in my wardrobe. Below are some key garments that I believe contribute to a magical autumn and winter wardrobe.

The flannel suit

Few materials are so associated with fall and winter as flannel. The flannel suit simply belongs to autumn and winter. Not infrequently, the choice falls on a gray variant. I recommend that you dare to choose a slightly lighter variant than the classic dark gray flannel. Design the jacket with an unconstructed shoulder, wide notch lapels and a rolled 3-button and you also get a very nice jacket to wear on its own. Personally, I wear my flannel suit as separates almost as often as I wear it as a full suit.’


Feel free to wear the flannel suit together with a roll neck in a similar shade of gray. Blugiallo’s roll neck in 100% organic cashmere is as comfortable to wear as it is elegant. Knitted garments combined with flannel give an expression of relaxed elegance and work just as well in the office as at Sunday dinner. If you instead want to dress up the flannel suit, I recommend a royal oxford shirt in off-white. The discreet structure of the royal oxford fabric makes it a perfect fit for your flannel suit.