Guide – custom made knitwear products

Our custom made knitwear products are a hallmark of what we do at Blugiallo. In this article we’ll give you a full guide to our knitwear qualities, namely the superfine merino wool, wool cashmere and the quintessence of luxury – cashmere silk and 100% pure cashmere. We will give you and insight into how our yarns and products are made along with how to wear and style your knitwear.

Introduction to Blugiallo custom made knitwear

Our custom made knitwear products are a hallmark of what we do at Blugiallo. In this article we’ll give you a full guide to our knitwear qualities, namely the superfine merino wool, wool cashmere and the quintessence of luxury – cashmere silk and 100% pure cashmere. We will give you and insight into how our yarns and products are made along with how to wear and style your knitwear.

The combination of craftsmanship and a modern approach to design and production, has made possible a segment of knitwear products that are truly unique, both in terms of quality, sustainability and customer experience. We like to think of our knitwear products as ‘understated luxury meets urban, contemporary tailoring’ and you can see all of the beautiful pieces here. Enjoy!

Knitwear yarns and qualities

When talking about knitwear and wearability, the yarn and thickness of it is very important. We work with three types of yarn thickness qualities in order to be able to use the best suited thickness for the respective knitwear design and product.

  • Single ply yarn knitwear
  • Double ply yarn knitwear
  • 4-ply heavy yarn knitwear

The thickness of the yarn determines both style and wearability of the end garment, where in short, the single yarn creates a thin, more refined look, perfect to wear with more formal looks or semi formal tailoring, whereas the double yarn and the 4-ply yarn creates a more rugged, casual look that is very nice to style with more casual tailoring and denim for example. Naturally the thickness of the yarns also determines the recommended season for wearing your knitwear.

2-ply pure cashmere yarn

Production and sustainability

The production of our knitwear is crucial to achieving the super high quality and longevity of the garments that we’re very proud of. Our knitwear is produced custom made (single unit production) on state-of-the-art 3D knitting machines, which creates the whole garment in one piece. All while keeping to traditional traditions of craftsmanship that is key for a true “Made in Italy” knitwear piece. In this way, we can mix the best of tradition with technology to create a truly unique ‘sustainable by nature’ production of our knitwear. This leads to some of the most crucial things in order to produce in accordance with sustainable fashion.

  • No waste material
  • No over production
  • High quality (better longevity)

Pure cashmere knitwear

Our 100% pure cashmere quality is synonymous with effortless luxury and comfort. Cashmere knitwear is perfect for a range of situations and styling scenarios as it is also becoming more and more popular to wear both on and off work depending on the formality level at your workplace. Cashmere is perfect for more textured and rugged looks, like heavyweight knitwear such as our polo, rollneck or knitted zip cardigans. It’s characteristics is perfect primarily for fall and winter use.

Highlights about cashmere

  • Ultra-soft and warm characteristics
  • Self-cleansing thanks to the natural fiber
  • Becomes even better with time
  • The perfect understated luxury garment

The ultra-fine fiber, creating the world most renowned cashmere can only be found in particular areas of inner Mongolia. High altitude and freezing temperature create conditions that lead to the absolute best quality cashmere available. This is also where our yarn producer source their cashmere from. Quality is essential for all natural fibers and creates a more resistant and sustainable product. With the right type of care, a cashmere garment will last you for years and years to come and actually improve over the years – more on this in our segment ‘how to wash and care for your knitwear’.

Our cashmere knitwear is made from Cariaggi yarns. Cariaggi together with Loro Piana is arguably Italys most famous yarn factories for fine cashmere and represents the absolut best cashmere available on the market. Their craftsmanship and quality of Cariaggi have been improving for over 60 years of spinning the world’s finest yarns.

Cashmere silk knitwear

The cashmere silk quality is our most refined and smooth knitwear quality. It is perfect for thinner knitwear garments, such as our crewneck raglan or single ply rollnecks. Cashmere silk knitwear goes very well with casual tailoring and even suiting thanks to its luxurious, silky smooth and slightly lustrous surface. Silk cashmere yarn is easy to wear directly against the skin thanks to its incredible softness.

Highlights about cashmere and silk

  • The most luxurious and sophisticated knitwear quality
  • Durable Mulberry silk
  • Silky smooth comfort combined with clean drape
  • Wearable all year round

Our cashmere and silk qualities are composed of 70% cashmere and 30% silk. The silk, known as highest quality Mulberry silk is found in China and spun into precious threads by hand in Italy.

Cashmere wool knitwear

The cashmere wool blend, although not as luxurious as the pure cashmere quality, is a very comfortable and versatile quality with excellent durability. It is a great quality for a range of everyday garments such as a wool cashmere half zip sweater or a wool cashmere zip cardigan. It is especially nice in a bit thicker qualities, like 2-ply or heavy knitted garments.

Highlights about cashmere wool blend

  • Durable
  • Great in thicker qualities
  • Soft and comfortable
  • Perfect for high quality everyday knitwear

Superfine merino knitwear

The superfine merino is usually considered the base of a well-established wardrobe. Merino wool can be worn all year round depending on the yarn (single ply or 2-ply), and has all the natural characteristics that makes it such an appreciated wardrobe companion. It works well for most first layer designs such as polos, roll necks or crew necks. Our merino quality is both sourced and produced in Italy and is made from extra-long fibers to create a more refined and less wrinkly appearance.

Highlights about superfine merino

  • Fantastic durability and elasticity
  • Naturally resistant to stains, odour and grease
  • Stays cool during summer and boosts warmth during winter

Why should I choose natural fibers like wool, cashmere and silk?

The obvious answer is that natural fibers will always have a more soft and comfortable feel to them as well as being more sustainable and giving an overall luxurious look and feel that can not be matched with synthetic fibers. But there are also a number of practical points such as;

  • Minimal washing thanks to natural anti-bacterial characteristics
  • Odour repellent (especially compared to synthetic fibers)
  • Natural resistance to stains and partially self-cleaning
  • Part of a natural, sustainable garment lifecycle

Out knitwear designs

Knitwear is very easy to match with a range of outfits and for different situations. For our knitwear, we’ve focused on developing design to work well with both with casual tailoring, and leisure wear. Some of our most important knitwear products are

  • The raglan crewneck silk cashmere sweater
  • The heavy knit cashmere polo
  • Sestriere pure cashmere roll neck sweater
  • The cashmere zip hoodie
  • Half zip wool cashmere sweater
  • The full zip cashmere cardigan
  • The urban outdoor vest in cashmere

Color options for knitwear

As for colors and knitwear, there is of course a lot of beautiful color to choose from, from the earthy tones to, classic navy and grey colored knitwear to more playful colors like yellow or burgundy. For our online color options for knitwear, we’ve chosen to keep a color scheme on our knitwear that goes well with the rest of our tailoring. We’ve also chosen to work a lot with colors that are easy to match and that features a solid, understated luxury look.

  • Earthy tones (off white, beige, oatmeal, brown and olive green)
  • Greyscale and black (light grey, mid grey and charcoal grey along with black)
  • Blue tones (navy, midnight blue)

Taupe and green knitwear

Knitted accessories

Thanks to the beautiful characteristics of the knitted yarns, we can also offer a range of knitted accessories to keep you warm and comfortable during fall and winter. Our knitted accessories have the same high quality and are produced in the same factory as our luxurious custom made knitwear. For the knitted accessories, our highlights are

  • The pure cashmere beanie
  • The pure cashmere scarves
  • Cashmere socks

The cashmere beanie is the perfect accessory to keep warm and stylish during colder periods. A beige cashmere beanie with a matching beige cashmere scarf is the perfect pair.

Cashmere beanie and scarf