Seasonal inspiration

An autumn favorite

Autumn favourites can be difficult to choose. The season inspires both wonderful clothing choices and long dinners in the company of good friends. If we choose to focus on clothing choices, autumn means thicker fabric qualities and the opportunity to combine several layers. At least if you live in Sweden or one of our neighbouring countries. The choices are many, but we associate few fabrics as strongly with this season as flannel. Below, Elias, our Showroom Manager in Stockholm, shares his thoughts on flannel garments.

Elias take on flanell

Why is flannel a favorite for you?
Flannel is a very versatile fabric. You can use it as a full suit, as well as separate trousers and a jacket. The flannel's brushed surface contributes to wide areas of use. Myself, I often divide my flannel suit and wear a separate jacket and trousers, at least as often as it is used as a suit. It is an elegant way to get maximum use of your suit, I wear the trousers together with other jackets or knitted garments. I like to use the jacket with raw denim and an oxford shirt.
What are your three favorites?
This question is not entirely easy to answer. Choosing three pieces is not easy. I always think that you should reflect on how to get the most use out of your wardrobe. But if I have to chose the choices lands on beige flannel trousers, dark brown flannel jacket and the classic gray flannel suit.
So let's go through you choices, start with the beige flannel trousers?
The flannel fabric for the beige trousers comes from the Italian weaving mill Drago. It is soft and comfortable to wear and the trousers are easily combined with other garments. The light shade may scare some people, but the fact is that it makes a strong contribution to making the trousers easy to match. I always strike a blow for light pants, all year round. A general tip is that the trousers should be lighter than the jacket worn, which is why lighter trousers are often easier to combine with odd jackets. At the same time, there are always exceptions, and this is not a general truth. I love to wear these trousers together with brown or blue jackets, or alternatively knitted garments in earthy tones.
How about the brown flannel jacket?
A versatile odd jacket is a key item in the wardrobe. For many, the choice falls on a blue, but in this case I rather want to highlight the brown flannel jacket. As with other flannel garments, the brushed surface contributes to versatile use. The brown shade is useful with most garments and in many situations. This makes the jacket easy to combine with beige flannel trousers and a roll neck in off white. Combining garments in earthy tones with each other is a conscious choice and expresses relaxed elegance.
And your final pick the gray flannel suit?
This is perhaps what most people associate with flannel fabric. It's not possible to talk about flannel without mentioning the gray flannel suit. The favorite is an anthracite gray shade and here again I'd like to highlight the importance of versatility in areas of use. As a suit, it is dark enough to combine with a white shirt and tie in formal contexts. At the same time, it is light enough to combine the trousers with odd jackets and knitted sweaters. Of course, the jacket also works great to wear separately. The shade is perfectly balanced to get as much use out of your suit as possible.
Why do you think flanell is so common?
There are explanations for the fact that flannel garments have been the cornerstone of many wardrobes for many years. The garments offer a wide range of uses and combination possibilities. These properties are important as we naturally want you to get great use for your garments at Blugiallo.