Fall & Winter exploration, part two – Flannel suit allure

Few garments have such an important place in our collections, as the flannel suit. It is in many ways the perfect expression for contemporary, expressive luxury, variable in so many ways and with a depth of quality, look and feel that is truly unique.

Then and now

Flannel, with its understated elegance and supreme comfort, has been a revered fabric in the world of high-quality tailoring for years and years. Originating back to the 17th century, the fabric, typically made from wool, cotton, or a blend of fibers (in recent century), has journeyed through various epochs, symbolizing both resilience and refinement.

Historically within the high-quality tailoring segment, flannel has been the fabric of choice for crafting meticulously tailored suits, trousers, and jackets. It has been a sartorial emblem, worn by well-dressed gentlemen and the elite, exuding an air of distinguished style and quiet confidence. The fabric’s fine texture and subtle sophistication allowed for a myriad of styling possibilities, aligning seamlessly with the elegant aesthetic of the times. Classic flannel suits in neutral tones were often styled with crisp shirts, silk ties, and polished leather shoes, stating timeless elegance.

Flannel still holds this position as of today, however it is also transitioning seamlessly to a more contemporary urban lifestyle. The fabric’s versatility and comfort makes it a perfect choice for a of modern, urban lifestyle, yet with less rules and more room for personal expression and style interpretations.

The adaptability of the flannel fabric really encourages us and our clients to express our individuality, creating looks of expressive luxury according to the preference of the bearer.

Flannel suiting staples

A contemporary design

In terms of design, for most of our BLUGIALLO suits, we prefer keeping a simple and clean aesthetic. This is also true for our flannel suits, especially since it is an easy garment to break up and use as separate trouser or jacket. A well balanced and contemporary design for our flannel suits would be our signature look with a jacket featuring a ‘rolling’ 2,5 button closure with notch lapels and clean straight jet pockets. For the trouser, we prefer a single pleated trouser with a straight finish.

This look is to us the best option for a contemporary suit, easy to use in both formal, to semi formal and casual situations. It will look equally great with a shirt and tie, as with a runner on foot and a cashmere sweater on top.

The shape

The shape and measurements of your flannel suit should (just like the rest of your BLUGIALLO suit wardrobe), be characterized by and effortless look and feel. For the actual measurements, this means keeping to certain classic standards in tailoring, while at the same time leave room for personal character or expression. Our standard BLUGIALLO cut, which your measurements will be created with when you use our online measuring service, will always have a longevity and classic tailored look to it, yet with room (meaning a more straight cut), for comfort and an effortless style.

This will also allow for you to use your flannel suit in a variety of situations and break it up into separates. Being able to use your suit both with a thin, silk crew neck as well as with layers of shirt and cashmere is key. And for this, the measurement aspect is crucial for the look and overall wearability of your suit.

Beige pure wool flannel trousers

The fabric

Like with most fabrics, a flannel suit can come in many shapes and qualities. But, like all BLUGIALLO suits, it only comes in exquisite ones.

Quello Classico, pure Italian wool flannel

Our classic, entry level flannel is a perfect balance between weight and comfort. We call it Italian flannel, because its Italian (no way, huh) but also because of the nature of the fabric is less heavy than other flannels, like for example a British flannel would be. It also offers a more relaxed drape, making it perfect also for an unconstructed jacket as part of your flannel suit.

Wool & cashmere from Loro Piana

A step up in look and feel from a classic flannel suit we’ve chosen to work with a blend of cashmere. This allows for the suit to have an even more refined look as well as an absolutely amazing, soft touch. It creates a true quiet luxury look with a heightened comfort.

Expressive luxury

We also provide some of the world’s most delicate and luxurious flannel suit fabrics there is. For example, the ‘Capolavoro’ superfine merino from New Zealand, or the enticingly soft wool and silk blend fabrics. The touch of this ultra-elegant fabric is an experience in itself.

We recommend each of our clients to find their own expression within the flannel fabric category. And to help you with it, our team of style advisors are always there to support.