Fall & Winter exploration, part one – The Overcoat programme

We love the prospect of our garments being turned into ”generational transcending tailoring” with time, letting them wonder from one happy bearer to the next. And few garments has a better lookout and can serve you for a longer period of time than a proper overcoat. When we say we focus on transcending tailoring – we are talking about an overcoat made to last for decades.

The design

In terms of design, we’ve kept our Overcoat programme classic, although with contemporary elements to make sure we cover the everyday needs of a modern, urban lifestyle. We mainly work with two different Overcoat designs – the Classic Overcoat and the Car Coat (also a classic born in the early 1920´s).

The Classic Overcoat can be altered between single- and double breasted and it features a wider notch lapel or peaked one. The pocket design can also be altered between a slightly more casual, patch design or a more classic design with straight flap pockets.

For our Car Coat, we’ve kept a sleek, understated aesthetic, hence the Car Coat comes in a full ’hidden button” version and one with buttons shown. The cut (although made to measure), is preferably kept quite straight and a focus part for the measurements are widths and lengths.

Midnight blue pure Mongolian cashmere overcoat

The shape

Naturally, your Overcoat and the measurements of it will be tailored uniquely to your preference and our recommendation. We strongly recommend to keep the Overcoat shape and cut more generous, with attention to important parts such as the shoulder width, sleeve- and total lengths. In order to give your Overcoat a long lifespan, these elements are key. We always preach the importance of being able to wear several layers underneath your Overcoat, without loosing the comfort and breathability of the garment.

Create your Overcoat measurements directly online or schedule an appointment to our showroom.

The fabric

As with most of our products, and since we produce everything uniquely for you – our Overcoat programme is even greater in terms of fabric choices than seen online our in our showrooms. Although our showcasing is definitely what we think is a perfect choice (especially if you’re making your first BLUGIALLO Overcoat), we love to present you with even more personalized options and qualities.

We’ve got a great number of options in both ends of the exclusivity spectrum, starting with classic blues and grays in high quality wool all the way up to pure cashmere and alpaca fabrics for a true expressive luxury coat.

The styling

Literally most clothes work well with a proper wool overcoat if it is tailored to your style and proportions. However, there are of course a iconic looks and materials that work especially well together. If you wear suits, we’re surprised if you not already own a decent overcoat with the right proportions, lengths and widths. Styling options for more casual and contemporary urban looks, however, both offer more flexibility and inspiration.

Most overcoat fabrics are heavier and therefore offers a lot of structure in the fabric. Because of this, it’s perfect to wear your overcoat with more structured weaves and also casual tailoring. A contemporary, expressive luxury look to us, involves wearing a pair of custom made selvedge denims, a pure cashmere crew and our one piece denim twill shirt. We would suggest a soft jacket or tailored blazer to finish the look.

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