Car coat guide – a fashion classic

Let’s dive into men’s outerwear and particularly the car coat. What is the definition of a car coat? When should you choose it instead of the classic wool overcoat? Do you go for a beige, navy och black car coat?

The car coat has been around for a long time, only growing more and more popular due to its versatility, comfort, and of course, design. Its design and layout create a hybrid of a formal and an informal coat. The technical fabrics that have been developed since the car coat first appeared, have enabled it to become a trusted coat in every man’s wardrobe.

The questions concerning the classic car coat might be many but in this article, we will give you all the answers.

History of the car coat

The origins of the car coat can be traced back to the early 20th century. It was simply a part of the growing car industry. The cars at this time often lacked a roof which meant that the driver had to find a way to protect himself from wind and rain. The solution needed to be practical, but at the same time, still elegant and stylish. The car coat was born.

Initially, this garment was a symbol of status. By owning a car coat, you signaled that you, or someone close to you, owned a car which was not very common.
The design of the car coat has since been refined from being very long with wide cuffs to a more straight fit and tailored sleeves. To better withstand rain and wind, lighter, technical materials have replaced the heavier fabrics such as tweed and fur which were often used in the early days.

Navy car coat

The comfort and style of a car coat

There are of course numerous variations to the original idea but our car coats are completely unconstructed, making them very comfortable and light on the body. The outer fabric is made from a high-tech, water resistant, and breathable fabric, which makes it suitable for almost any season. A black waterproof car coat is definitely a great piece to add to your outerwear wardrobe.

The inside of the coat is a detachable quilted lining made from sustainable ‘down’. The down is made from recycled pet bottles and ‘feathered’ to become a substitute for natural down.
The lining inside the car coat is also waterproof as well as down proofed, meaning that no ‘feathers’ will stick through the lining.

Since the car coat is, above all, a functional garment the fit is of course in focus but that doesn’t mean that you have to sacrifice style.
A car coat that ends just below the knee is the most optimal length both from a purely visual and aesthetic perspective, but also from a functional perspective. Through this length, you manage to find the right balance and proportions regardless of your own lenght.
From a functional perspective, a slightly longer car coat definitely has its advantages, partly because it protects better against rain and because it resists cold winds reaching through the clothes.

As previously mentioned, today’s car coat has a somewhat slimmer silhouette, but this does not in any way mean that it should be tight. A car coat should drape naturally over your body without it feeling too tight, nor too big. We usually prefer a slightly more generous cut for a car coat based on a purely aesthetic perspective.

Beige car coat

Design & style tips for your car coat

The car coat is one of the most versatile jackets in a wardrobe due to its design, fabric, and construction. You can throw on a navy coat over a suit, and depending on the season, with or without the removable quilted lining. You can also easily use the car coat during more relaxed outings paired with our denim jeans or chinos and a knitted sweater. Even though the fabric of the car coat is water repellant it doesn’t mean that it should only be used in poor rainy weather. A beige or black car coat will serve you just as good on a chilly Sunday stroll in the autumn sun. The possibilities of usage are endless. Check out all our car coats here.

The expression ”Less is more” goes well in hand with the design of the car coat. The characteristics 5 hidden-button closure contributes to a stylish and minimalist expression and our car coats come with a generous size welt pocket.
The collar can at any time be folded up to give some extra weather protection or simply because you like the look. Finally, do not forget the hem of the sleeves, which can be decorated with an adjustable button and tab that gives you the opportunity to adjust the width of the sleeves at the same time as these contribute to extra design detail.

Car coat, hidden button

Choosing the right color for your car coat

Should you go for a beige car coat? A navy car coat? A black car coat? In our opinion, there is no right or wrong when it comes to the right color for a car coat, other than that you should, of course, keep it as simple and subtle as possible. Pairing the color with the color scheme you have in your wardrobe is never wrong, but instead a winning concept. If you are a person who prefers earthy tones such as brown, beige, taupe, and white, we would highly recommend choosing a beige car coat.

If you prefer blue and grey in your wardrobe in the form of suits and jackets we definitely recommend to chose a navy car coat to maintain a timeless formal look. Furthermore, you can also advantageously combine a navy car coat with a pair of jeans, knitwear, and a cap for a more casual look.
A black car coat is a good idea if you have very dark tones in the form of black and grey in your wardrobe. However, keep in mind that all colors can be combined freely in both formal and informal contexts.