Our Signature Car Coat

The development of a car coat in an essential part of a modern, contemporary wardrobe filled with expressive luxury pieces. It is a arguably a classic piece, where attention to detail, fine materials and a perfectly tailored fit creates something truly long lasting.

The Legacy of the Car Coat

The car coat is truly a slice of history. Born in the era of automotive infancy, this coat was more than just a style statement—it was a necessity. Imagine the early 20th-century streets filled with roofless cars. Drivers needed protection, but they refused to compromise on style (which you have to respect). Dust, rain and wind proof characteristics was of importance. And so, The Car Coat, made to be practical yet dashing, was born. What once was a status symbol—indicating you were among the few to own a car—has now been woven into the fabric of every man’s life, with an array of possible expressions.

Vintage Car Coat attire, dust approved.

Design: The Soul of Comfort

Over the years, the car coat has evolved from heavy tweeds and furs to lighter, more resilient fabrics. At Blugiallo, we’ve taken the best of both worlds—classic aesthetics and modern functionality. Our coats are unconstructed, letting you move as freely as you breathe. For our early versions, we incorporated sustainable, high-tech materials that are not only water-resistant but also breathe with you ( Like the renowned ‘Storm System’ wool from Loro Piana). Our recycled “down” lining, fashioned from eco-conscious PET bottles, offers a snug embrace during colder periods, without any guilt.

However, in terms of fabrics, we’ve also developed our car coat in heavier wool cloths that offer a bit more refined our luxurious look.


Fit: The Art of Tailoring

Now, let’s talk about the soul of the car coat—the fit. Made to measure (or custom made clothing) isn’t just a catchphrase for us; it’s a mantra. For any garment to stand the test of time and to be able to be worn as it should, fit is absolute key.

For the car coat, our cuts are generous but tailored, giving your body the room it needs while your style remains uncompromised. Whether you’re dodging raindrops or fighting off the chill, the car coat will be your loyal companion if you’ve considered the aspects of fit. As an easy example, you need to create room for layering, like a heavy cashmere rollneck to fit underneath.

If you haven’t created your car coat fit (measurement profile) with us prior, you can create them here.


Beige car coat in an undyed 'Pecore Nera' superfine wool

Fabric, colors & styling: The final frontier

Styling is where ‘expressive luxury’ shines. Imagine throwing a navy car coat over a crisp suit for a board meeting, or maybe pairing it with our custom-made selvedge denims and a sumptuous cashmere crew-neck for an intimate dinner. Whatever your mood or setting, a car coat adapts like a chameleon while keeping you undeniably stylish. And if you think these coats are only for dreary weather, think again. A beige or black car coat will be your faithful companion on a crisp Sunday morning walk as much as during a torrential downpour.


Our car coats feature a 5 hidden-button closure, providing a clean, minimalist aesthetic without sacrificing functionality. We also designed it with gauntlet cuffs, horn buttons and generous welt pockets. Along with an adjustable sleeve tab provide those little extra touches that elevate the coat. Other than above we’ve chosen to keep the design options to a minimum, since the look of the car coat is iconic.

The color & fabric palette

Given the nature of BLUGIALLO and the possibility of catering to each person uniquely, this also leaves room for a broader spectrum of colors and fabrics. Two iconic pieces we often talk about is the navy car coat as well as our signature ‘Pecora nera’ car coat, made from exclusive, undyed New Zealand wool. But there are several options that work really well for a car coat, with beige and dark olive tones also being common go-to colors.

At the end of the day, the perfect shade is one that resonates with your personal expression and color scheme. If you lean towards earthy hues, a beige coat might just be your soulmate. Prefer the classic grays and blues? A navy car coat would complement your wardrobe seamlessly and probably offers the best allround usage.