Building the base wardrobe

The base wardrobe is the most fundamental part while investing in a long-term wardrobe and the ultimate goal is to be able to easily match every piece. Some people would call it ”boring”, we call it essential, and the framework for everything that comes after… the fun part.  Since we all have different needs and preferences we will not provide you with a specific shopping list (except for one piece, the suit) but instead guide you on what to think about while start building your base wardrobe.

5 things to consider when building your basic wardrobe

  • Think of these pieces as the foundation and the cornerstones of your wardrobe.
  • Keep the color scheme intact.
  • Choose new garments not only because you like them but also to consider if they go well together with your existing pieces.
  • Think quality above quantity.
  • Keep the design of basic garments as traditional as possible but feel free to experiment with other pieces to find your unique style.

Versatility - How to combine your wardrobe basic pieces

Let’s talk about the suit.
Although a suit might be far from your most frequently used garment, you need it. We don’t wish anyone getting an invitation for an event that expects a suit, and not having one. Other than that, a suit should fill a bigger purpose than being ”just a suit”.
Being able to wear it casually with knitwear, formally with a shirt and tie or break it up just by wearing the jacket or trousers by itself will ensure that you have good use of your suit.

As the line between casual style and formal style are more and more blurred, the formal trouser is no longer just a trouser for the suit, but a trouser for everyday use. As well as the jacket easily can be combined with a pair of high-waist jeans.

Imagine just needing one suit, one pair of cotton trousers, one pair of tailored jeans, a few shirts and a couple of knitwear and you will have the opportunity of wearing different outfits for weeks. As well as two suits and shirts will give you the same conditions with a higher formality. It is just a matter of the level of formality you want to achieve on daily basis.

The most important part of buying clothes at this stage are be able to make different combinations with every piece and not limit pieces to specific outfits. The color choice gives you the greatest possibilities of unlimited combinations. You can check out all of our suits here.

Dark blue high twist wool suit, formal vs casual

Choose the right colors for your base wardrobe

Choosing easily combined colors are one of the most important parts to be able to mix and match a few pieces in your wardrobe. The blue, grey, or brown suit will give you many opportunities of dressing the suit up and down. Not at least combining them together with grey trousers and a blue jacket. Going for the earthy tones on the casual pieces will make the opportunities unlimited. We are talking the heavy cotton chinos in beige, or (if you like the bit more contrasts) the off-white heavy cotton trouser.

As mentioned earlier, choosing shirts and knitwear simply because you like is not recommended. But if you also consider choosing garments that will work well together with your suit and trousers you will definitely expand the possibilities of outfits in your wardrobe. Unsure what to choose? Creme or beige will never go wrong.

Heavy cotton chinos

Go 365 fabrics

Flannel and linen might be a couple of the most usable fabrics when it comes to clothing. Being able to hang in the well-worn linen suit and replace it with the flannel suit for fall makes you never get tired of your clothes.
But in this case (and just this case), when we talk about the basic pieces of your wardrobe we would recommend you avoid seasonal fabrics and invest in 365 fabrics. Fabrics that can be worn all year round. We are talking high twist wool suits, cotton trousers, and blends of cashmere and silk knitwear. This makes it just as good to wear with your suit jacket for strolling around the streets in the summer as the family get-together in the winter.

Quality - Durability & Crafts

To be able to stand out with simple outfits are significant for Blugiallo customers. Well-produced pieces in exclusive Italian fabrics and exclusively made just for you.

Quality is more than just exclusive fabrics from the biggest weavers in the world. The construction of a suit or jacket plays a big part in the term ”quality”. Meaning that garments are carefully produced with handmade parts to lengthen the lifetime of each piece. Not just by wearing it, but to handle more washes for example.

Depending on which garment we are talking about, the craft plays different roles. For example, the full-canvas construction in a jacket contributes more to durability than the handmade buttonhole. Since clothing also is visually important, it’s hard to rank what’s most necessary. The answer is the ensemble, the key is craft.

The base wardrobe, what’s next?

Once you build a stable ground in your wardrobe, it’s time to work around it- or with it.

The frames have been blurred out for what is needed. Now when you have the foundation of your wardrobe it’s time for you to find those pieces that might be a little harder to match but takes your wardrobe exactly where you want it to be.

Since everything that exists in the base wardrobe can be worn all year round and is easily matched, the possibilities are now unlimited. Black, which I would to the greatest extent recommend you to exclude in your base wardrobe, might now fill its purpose.
Read more about the color black, and how to combine it here.