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Utility Jacket alcantara brown


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Collection Contemporary
Fabric quality Vegan Alcantara Suede
Fabric code 8775
Garment construction Unconstructed
Estimated delivery 5-6 weeks

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Custom tailored Utility jacket in a brown alcantara fabric, selected for its rugged yet elegant feel. The fabric provides durability combined with a luxurious finish that altogether creates a timeless garment for the modern wardrobe. You can easily combined it, as seen, with an olive overshirt and a pair of white denim for a sharp look. Wear it with a classic dark blue polo shirt and a pair of denim for the weekend stroll. Characteristics for the utility jacket are workwear inspired pockets, collar and the button closure. A perfect alternative to a jacket when you feel like mixing it up, or as a really sharp piece of outerwear! Our Essential collection is best described as your ‘go-to pieces’ or wardrobe staples. This does not mean that the products and fabrics are any less exclusive, on the contrary – an exclusive fabric, to us, is one that truly serves a purpose and manages to withstand the test of time.

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1 review for Utility Jacket alcantara brown

  1. Ljungberg98

    Riktigt fint jacka med bra passform. Funkar perfekt med en tjockare tröja under!

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Read more about the alcantara utility jacket

Alcantara is a fabric that can be favorably compared to suede, which makes it the perfect fabric for a Utility jacket. A garment that works perfectly to use as layer upon layer. Alcantara itself is a type of synthetic material that comes from Italy and consists of a mix between polyester, polyurethane and microfiber. The feel and appearance of the material then results in it being very similar to suede. The biggest advantage of the alcantara fabric is that it is a very light material and it makes it feel soft and is easy to wear, especially when used for a utility jacket. Given that the fabric also breathes very well it doesn’t get quite as warm as, for example, a suede jacket.

What time of the year can I use the alcantara utility jacket?

A alcantara jacket can definitely be seen as a garment worth wearing all year round, even though the material breathes very well and is very light. But to recommend it for a couple of seasons it is absolutely best suited during early spring and autumn if used as an outerwear piece. Throwing this garment on for a spring day walk, to and from work, is ideal, as well as it works very well for an autumn stroll in the park.
You can of course also combine it differently and for colder days it is a nice alternative to the jacket indoors at the office.

The design of the utility jacket

When it comes to the actual design of the utility jacket in alcantara, we recommend the design we have chosen as seen on the product images above. The two large external pockets and the two chest pockets with pocket flaps gives both a practical, but also a classic workwear feel. The pockets are not only for aesthetic purpose, the size also give you plenty of room for your phone, keys and wallet.

As for all of our garments, it is possible to make some design choices. In order to achieve a slightly more casual approach for this particular utility jacket, you can choose to have two bellowed pockets instead, similar to how we chose to design our latest utility jackets in moleskin. This will be a neat design for the person who is looking for something a little more stripped down, but where the jacket still breathes the authentic workwear feeling.

The fit of a alcantara utility jacket

Just like a classic jacket, the shoulder and chest area are two incredibly central parts, which also applies to a utility jacket. An important aspect to keep in mind, is however, that a Utility Jacket differs from a jacket in such a way that it is more intended as a garment within the “outwear” category. But it is of course a free interpretation from individual to individual. As mentioned before, if styled correctly its a great piece for the office during winter.
Just like all our other garments, we choose to create your unique measurements from the existing measurement points we have, which in this case allows us to create a utility jacket based on the measurement points on your jacket. With that said, we usually choose to make a utility jacket a little more spacious. The reason for this is that you should be able to easily wear this garment with several layers underneath.
By achieving a slightly straighter silhouette, you highlight the true feeling of the garment around the classic workwear style. At the same time, the jacket becomes somewhat lighter and looser, which definitely makes it easier to also wear with a thicker sweater underneath. The big difference between a classic jacket and a utility jacket is the width at the waist, where we usually advocate a slightly more defined waist in a jacket, without it becoming tight in any way. When it comes to the utility jacket, on the other hand, we want to achieve a relatively straight silhouette.

How should I style it?

Just as previously mentioned, the utility jacket is an optimal garment for working layer upon layer with, which means that the areas of use are significantly increased based on year-round use. During spring and autumn, it is highly recommended to wear a knitted sweater in 100% cashmere underneath. During the autumn and winter half of the year, a rollneck is absolutely the best, alternatively a 4-ply polo without buttons with either a t-shirt or a shirt underneath. When you look at the spring and summer months, for example, a knitted sweater in superfine merino wool or cashmere/silk is suitable.

When it comes to choosing trousers to complete the outfit, our first choice is to combine the brown alcantara utility jacket with a pair of white denims. If you want a slightly more dressed-up approach without it being too formal, it’s perfectly fine to add a pair of heavy cotton twill trousers in sand.