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Tuxedo black irish linen

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Black tuxedo in Irish linen selected for its fine texture and cool attributes. This is the perfect option for summer weddings and celebrations. If we can dream away, this expressive linen tuxedo looks its best at a vineyard in northern Italy. Enjoy the view, the food and the drink in a tuxedo that is guaranteed to attract attention. Combines nicely with white crisp shirt with kent collar and self-tied bow tie. A linen tuxedo is the choice for those looking for a slightly cocky alternative to a classic tuxedo. To enhance this, we have chosen double-breasted with wide lapels and a jet pocket. Of course, you choose the design options that you think look best and in which you feel most comfortable in.

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Care instruction: Leave your garment out to air dry. Dry clean only when noticeable stains. Use a steamer gently to remove wrinkles.

Take care of your garment:

  • Use a proper hanger. A good hanger will retain its shape.
  • Let your garment rest – preferably 24 hours after wearing
  • Brush your garment once in a while to remove deep rooted dust
  • Rotating with garments in your wardrobe to maintain its durability

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Black suit in linen

There are few materials that are so connected with a specific season as linen is with summer. The linen suit has been worn during summer and in warmer climates for more than 100 years. Thanks to its durability and breathability it is excellent for these occasions. Traditionally the linen suit has been worn in lighter colors, but one should not limit oneself to this. A black suit with a black shirt, both in linen, is an excellent choice if you are looking for a suit to wear in the city as well as during your vacation.

When to wear the black linen suit

If you are looking for a crease-resistant suit, linen is not for you. Linen will, and should, crease and we advise you to embrace it since it is a part of the characteristics of the fabric. Due to this, a black linen suit is quite casual and is excellent to wear for informal and semi-formal occasions when you want to feel well dressed, but not overdressed.
Linen is a textured fabric that enhances the casual expression of the suit. Wear it for weddings, dinners, and other festivities where there are no formal dress codes. The black linen suit is also possible to break by wearing the jacket and trousers separately.

The Fabric

As mentioned earlier the most classic choice for linen is lighter color tones. A black linen suit is a modern, more expressive, interpretation of a classic garment. The black linen has a nice texture and luster that adds some elegance to the suit. The dark tone of the black linen suit contributes to versatility since you can wear it for both more formal and casual occasions.

The Fit

Our black linen suit is, of course, custom made, and the fit is created based on your personal measurement profile. Therefore you should consider our words regarding fit more as a guide rather than rules.
Our recommendation is to go for a classic fit which means that we opt for a slightly more generous fit. At least compared to the slim fit standard seen over the past years. The suit is supposed to be worn during warmer seasons and a classic cut will help you battle the heat. A classic cut is contributing to a nice drape where you will get the best out of the fabric.
A black linen suit belongs to the more casual side of our suit selection and since it is suitable for several different occasions comfort is key when creating the right fit. Make sure you do not have any tension around the jacket’s buttons and that you are leaving enough room for movement.
If you are interested to discuss fit and all the options that we offer, feel free to schedule a digital consultation here.

Black suit with black shirt

When it comes to styling your black linen suit, you have several options thanks to the versatility of the fabric. Keep in mind that textured fabrics are best worn with other textured fabrics. Therefore we advise you to wear linen with other matte, textured, garments.

An elegant style is to wear a black suit with a black shirt, both in linen. The tone-on-tone styling contributes to the elegant expression and at the same time, the black color and the textured linen fabric add a cocky dimension to it.

If you feel like black on black is a little too much you can of course also wear the black linen suit with a white shirt. For a summer wedding, a white shirt in a cotton & linen blend is a perfect match if the dress code is not too strict and will create a crisp wedding outfit. Complete the look with a textured tie in a linen blend.

The black linen suit in separates

Do not hesitate to break your black linen suit by wearing your jacket and trousers as separates. A black linen jacket is great to wear with light blue selvedge denim jeans and a black knitted piquet shirt. Combine it with a pair of black penny loafers to complete the look.

A pair of custom-made linen trousers are a key piece in the summer wardrobe. The breathable fabric is fantastic to wear during warmer seasons. Keep the styling simple and wear your black linen trousers with a white linen shirt. An outfit perfect for both urban exploring and late dinners by the Mediterranean.

How to take care of your black suit

If you take proper care of your Blugiallo products, they will last longer and keep their nice attributes. You will increase the lifespan of your linen garments, your black linen suit, by letting it “rest” in-between uses. Leaving your garments on a proper hanger for at least 24 hours when you have worn them will give the fibers the chance to recover.
The best way to keep your black linen suit fresh is to air it out or steam it. This will get rid of odors and increase the lifespan of the fabric. Often this is enough so we recommend trying to keep dry cleaning to a minimum. But of course, you are supposed to use your garments as much as possible and sometimes accidents happen. If your garments are or feel dirty you can, of course, leave them to the dry cleaner.

Final words

A black suit, especially in linen, is a modern choice that will complement every wardrobe with a bit of edge. It can be worn for both casual and semi-formal occasions and styled with several different garments. If you want to add some casual elegance for a summer wedding, a vacation in Southern Europe, or your life in general, look no further.