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Suit hopsack traveller dark blue


Collection Perennials
Fabric quality 100% Wool
Fabric code TVR012
Garment construction Sewn half canvas
Estimated delivery 5-6 weeks
To get a look and feel of the fabric used in this product use "Feel the fabric" to order a sample.

Care instruction: Leave your garment out to air dry. Avoid dry cleaning since it will damage the fibers and shorten the lifespane of your wool garment. Dry clean only when noticeable stains. Use a steamer gently to remove wrinkles.

 Take care of your garment:

  • Use a proper hanger. A good hanger will retain its shape.
  • Let your garment rest – preferably 24 hours after wearing
  • Brush your wool garment once in a while to remove deep rooted dust
  • Rotating with garments in your wardrobe to maintain its durability

For general guidance regarding garment care, make sure to read our article Clothing care here

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Hopsack suit in dark blue color selected for its light feel and soft drape. The fabric in this hopsack traveller is a so-called ‘high twist’ which is characterized by its durability, wrinkle resistance, and crisp feeling. The fabric comes from one of the worlds finest mills, Loro Piana. As the name suggests the traveller is the perfect choice for work and a lifestyle in motion. With its deep midnight blue color it matches well with a lot of neutral colors. This makes good use for both jacket and trousers as separates. Combine the trousers or full suit with our midnight blue piquet shirt for the perfect smart-casual look or with a white royal oxford and add a tie for a more formal attire. The suit works great for every day at the office as well as for festivities. Since it breathes very well it's also a perfect suit for the summer.

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12 reviews for Suit hopsack traveller dark blue

  1. William August Elmgren

    Min första, men långt ifrån sista kostym från Blugiallo. Albin fick till en klockren passform och jag kunde inte blivit mer nöjd. Älskar även hur tyget möjliggör både en ledig och dressad stil. Bravo!

  2. Tobias Andersson

    Den perfekta mörkblå kostymen! Otroligt lätt och härligt tyg där både byxa och kavaj funkar utmärkt att bära separat 🙂

  3. Simoolss101

    Valde en ofodrad kostym med okonstruerad axel – passformen klockren efter god service av Elias! 5 av 5!

  4. James Archer

    Very pleased with both the fabric and service. Fabric is light and breathable with a very pleasing lustre to it. The colour is easy to pair, and the material works for the office and for smart casual use. Is durable and still looks good at the end of the day. Any creases easily fall out overnight. Perfect for easy, regular use.

  5. pontus.savolainen

    The suit is perfect for both informal and formal occassions nearly in every season of the year. The fabric is bit to hot form summer days and bit to cold for the Swedish winter. Overall a fantastic fabric. This is the perfect dark blue suit!

  6. albincarlsson

    Beroende hur man matchar så är kostymen perfekt för mingel på ambassaden eller kaféhäng med vännerna. Passformen blev perfekt och Elias och Ruben var mycket hjälpsamma.

  7. Hugo

    Kanon! Funkar i alla lägen och enkel att matcha. Krispig blå färg som är grym i materialet med sin matta finish!

  8. robinhakimi

    Mycket nöjd! Tack vare god guidning från Anton i Borås valde jag okonstruerade axlar och lite högre midja – sitter som en smäck!

  9. amadeus.hedenor

    Väldigt nöjd kund! Superkvalité och toppenservice!

  10. Anders Arvidsson

    Första erfarenheten av Blugiallo, otroligt nöjd! Hög kvalitet rakt igenom. Perfekt passform, samt otroligt mångsidigt tyg. Allt ifrån riktigt causal till formella tillställningar funkar! /Anders

  11. daniel.k.89

    Detta är min första kostym från Blugiallo. Jag är oerhört nöjd!
    Äntligen en kostym som sitter perfekt 👌
    Dessutom är jag väldigt nöjd med tyget, som är lite mattare och underlättar när man vill dela upp kostymen och bära tex byxorna vid ett ledigare tillfälle.

    Tack ska ni ha för en grym kostym!

  12. max.carlsen

    Verkligen otrolig service, behövde justera byxorna lite efter second fitting som de fixade helt utan problem och free of charge. Kan rekommendera kostymen som andas och funkar väldigt bra även under sommaren

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More on our midnight blue suit hopsack traveller

Hopsack suit in a dark blue color selected for its light feel, soft drape, and versatility. The fabric in this hopsack traveller suit is a so-called ‘high twist wool’ which is characterized by its durability, wrinkle resistance, and crisp feeling. The fabric is woven by one of the world’s finest mills, Loro Piana. As the name suggests the traveller is the perfect choice for work and a lifestyle in motion. Thanks to the ‘high twist’ weave you can easily wear this suit all day at the office, or on an airplane, without losing a crisp look.

How to wear it

With its midnight blue tone, the dark blue hopsack is easy to combine with several colors and garments. This contributes to versatility since you can wear both the jacket and trousers as separates. Combine the suit, or just the trousers, with our midnight blue piquet shirt for a casual, yet elegant, look that handles the transition from office to dinner with friends in a beautiful way.
For a more formal look, we recommend wearing the suit with a crisp white royal oxford shirt, an olive green grenadine tie, and black oxford shoes. The suit, and this look, work great at the office as well as for festivities. Thanks to its breathability, the hopsack suit is perfect for summer. It is simply perfect for summer weddings, both as a groom or a guest.

Thanks to the fabric’s texture and matte surface the dark blue hopsack works great as a separate jacket. Wear the jacket with a pair of anthracite grey traveller trousers and a taupe popover shirt underneath for a smart casual look. You can also combine the jacket with a pair of mid blue selvedge denim jeans and a midnight blue wool cashmere polo for a casual, tone-on-tone look.

Design options

The design options you make for the suit will also effect how you can wear it. It is, of course, a matter of taste and preferences but you should also consider what type of occasions you want to be able to wear the suit when choosing the design.
A 2,5 buttoning with wide notch lapel will create the most versatile jacket and it is great both for the suit and for wearing the jacket separatly. The double-breasted option is more of a statement. The unconstructed shoulder is a Blugiallo favorite and the go-to for this type of fabric. When it comes to pockets the patch round is the most casual one. It works great for a separate jacket but tends to become too casual for a full suit. The most versatile option is the jet pocket. Thanks to the clean look it contributes to, you can easily wear it both as a suit and a separate jacket.

For both aesthetic and practical reasons the side adjuster is a great design option for your hopsack trousers. It contributes to a tailored feeling and keeps your look clean. Another sartorial detail is the pleat. A single pleat is a great choice, especially if you are going for a higher waist of your trouser. Whether you are choosing a cuff or not is (like most design options) primarily a matter of taste. A cuff tends to create a more casual feeling to the trouser while a straight finish is more formal.

What is high twist wool?

As we have mentioned, the dark blue hopsack traveller belongs to the category ‘High twist wool’. You may ask yourself, what is high twist wool? High twist wool is a high-quality wool, woven from strands of yarn that are twisted together, tighter than average wool fabric. This contributes to the appealing structure and characteristics of the fabric, creating a durable, wrinkle resistance, and crisp feeling when you wear the suit. This generates a fabric and furthermore garment, that is fantastic to wear on a range of various occasions, from work to weddings and everyday leisure.

Our ‘Traveller’ version is a fabric from the renowned Italian fabric producer Loro Piana while its British ‘relative’, named ‘Fresco’, is produced by the weaver Hardy Minnis. Both are equally outstanding in terms of quality but with a slight difference in the shape and output of the actual garment. In many ways, they resemble the type of tailoring typically produced (and worn) in the respective country of origin.

The Mill

Those who visit a Blugiallo showroom for the first time will for sure hear us speak of ‘Biella’, the legendary village in the Northwestern part of Italy. Home to some of the world’s best artisans and makers of fine textiles for generations back. This region is also the home of Loro Piana – known as one of the world’s most exclusive fabric producers.

Loro Piana was founded in 1924 and quickly became a company focusing on high-end materials and textiles. They are known for producing some of the world’s most exclusive textiles and weaves such as; baby cashmere and vicuña. The quality and characteristics of these materials are unmatched in terms of softness, warmth, and luster.