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Suit flannel beige

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Custom tailored suit in beige flannel selected for its rich texture and soft feel. Our well balanced flannel carefully sourced from the province of Biella is textured and matte which makes it versatile and easy to combine. Here together with our white flannel shirt for a soft sophisticated look. Perfect for the office or a night out with the missis. The custom tailored jacket is well suited for wearing between early autumn to late spring. Flannel is a key piece in modern wardrobe. Wear the jacket and the trousers separately as the perfect odd jacket and trousers together with your favorite garments in your wardrobe. Our Essential collection is best described as your ‘go-to pieces’ or wardrobe staples. This does not mean the products and fabrics are any less exclusive, on the contrary – an exclusive fabric, to us, is one that truly serves a purpose and manages to withstand the test of time.

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Care instruction: Leave your garment out to air dry. Avoid dry cleaning since it will damage the fibers and shorten the lifespane of your wool garment. Dry clean only when noticeable stains. Use a steamer gently to remove wrinkles.

 Take care of your garment:

  • Use a proper hanger. A good hanger will retain its shape.
  • Let your garment rest – preferably 24 hours after wearing
  • Brush your wool garment once in a while to remove deep rooted dust
  • Rotating with garments in your wardrobe to maintain its durability

For general guidance regarding garment care, make sure to read our article Clothing care here

1 review for Suit flannel beige

  1. RoyA

    Otroligt mjukt, lätt och följsamt tyg. Väldigt mångsidig kostym som även fungerar utmärkt som uddaplagg!

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The beige flannel suit

Once winter is closing in, many people ask themselves what to wear. The obvious first question is “Do I want to look good or do I want to stay warm?” In our opinion, the answer to this question is very simple, wear a flannel suit and you don’t have to choose. The beige flannel suit is a great choice since it is equally stylish as a whole suit but also as separates. Being able to break up the suit and wear the jacket and trousers separately is always a good idea in order to create more potential outfits.

How to wear the beige flannel suit

A flannel suit itself is very wearable and easy to combine, but the biggest advantage is definitely the possibility to break up both the jacket and the trousers. Our recommendation is to highlight the casual feel of the suit in a nice way, in the form of both choosing an unconstructed construction, but also through the smooth flannel feel that the fabric gives. In this way, you can advantageously combine the suit with a knitwear in 100% cashmere underneath. By combining a knitwear under the suit, you achieve something we call “Soft Tailoring”, which in our opinion is the most optimal style.

Keeping the beige flannel trousers, the knitwear and throwing on another jacket is also incredibly nice. Our best tip for breaking up the trousers and adding another jacket is to invest in a brown solid color, preferably also this one in flannel. If, on the other hand, you want to feel a bit more casual, but don’t want to skip the jacket, you can wear the trousers with a patterned jacket without any worries. Our tip is then to invest in a jacket in a light shade of houndstooth to tie together the bright look of the trousers. You can also choose to put an off-white knitwear underneath.

It is quite common when choosing a flannel suit that you aim for a slightly darker color in hope that it will match better with slightly darker and colder days. And, also to minimize the risk of visible stains. There is absolutely nothing wrong with this, but it is important to keep in mind that you can definitely venture into a slightly lighter color as long as the fabric of the suit is suitable for the actual season, for example this beige flannel suit.

If instead you want to achieve a very casual look that works well for a lunch during the weekend, you can always combine the flannel trousers with a knitwear and a T-shirt. Here you can choose to keep the bright look by adding a knitwear in off-white, for example a polo in 4-ply. If you instead want to achieve a slightly more subtle look, the suggestion is that you put a knitwear in wool & cashmere in a dark taupe polo. Putting a T-shirt underneath in off-white means that you tie together a very casual look while at the same time getting a fantastically nice outfit.

Flannel fabric

This particular flannel suit is a favorite for us at Blugiallo, partly because of the color but also the quality of the suit. The beige flannel suit itself consists of 100% wool and comes from the Italian fabric supplier, Drago. It’s a very soft and flexible wool flannel in their line called “Rugby Flannel”, which means that it is made of a Super 130s’ merino wool. Considering the fine quality and the weight of the fabric which is 300 gr/m, this means that you get an incredibly nice drape throughout the suit, while giving it a soft feel over the body.

Just as previously mentioned, there can usually be a concern with a beige suit, especially during autumn/winter, as it’s a color that attracts a lot of dirt. However, this specific flannel quality steps in and does an excellent job, even on the worst days in town. The reason for this is because the Rugby Flannel from Drago is stain, and water resistant. This way, you can easily expose it to a lot of weather without worrying about stains and dirt remaining.

Since Drago’s Rugby flannel has a nice and natural construction due to the gram weight, this means that you can advantageously choose to design the jacket as relatively casual. Since the color itself can be considered somewhat more informal than, for example, a grey flannel suit, our recommendation is to choose this as an unconstructed construction. With this option, we choose to remove all forms of canvas in the jacket. However, we obviously choose to keep the canvas construction in the shoulder area so that the jacket will take shape naturally after this somewhat more critical measuring point. Once you choose an unconstructed construction, this means that you achieve a very light and casual jacket, which is advantageous when it comes to flannel in particular, as it is a good idea to work layer-on-layer.