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Suburban parenthood bundle


Fabric quality Cashmere 100%
Fabric code K10035, K10042
Estimated delivery 5-6 weeks

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This package contains: 2x Heavy cashmere roll necks, and 1x Cashmere comb. Custom made: After ordering we will contact you and assist in the creation of your measurements in order to achieve the best possible fit for the bearer of these fine items. The Suburban parenthood bundle: Big house – lot’s of heating. Thankfully, there’s a way to keep the heating to a minimum, as well as looking so comfy your partner will want to extend the family. All you and your partner need to do is to slide into a pair of long-fibre cashmere socks and our 4-ply ‘Sestriere’ roll neck. The kids? The keep warm by running around people told us. You can also use our hide them inside our cashmere polo, like a roo’. Heating ROI this winter: All Christmas gifts this year will basically be “free”. The yarn used is a superfine 2-ply cashmere quality (naturally resistant to stains, oils and odeur), from the Italian spinner Filatura papi fabio, perfect for layering during the colder months, yet still thin and breathable enough t wear as a piece of outerwear during spring. Our knitwear is produced in a small, family-owned Italian mill with decades of craftsmanship experience, all while combining it with 3D knitting technology which creates a refined, seamless look. The fabric belongs to our collection 'The Perpetual Collection'. The Perpetual Collection is a collection of exclusive, specially selected fabrics where we have selected qualities that represent exclusivity, durability and a sustainable mindset.

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