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Knitted crewneck grey

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Custom tailored knitted crew neck in grey fabric. The soft fabric gives a natural stretch and extra comfort. The structured fabric contributes to a casual feeling and makes it easy to combine. Our merino crew neck has a ‘Raglan’ shoulder seam, which creates freedom of movement and a refined look, perfect for matching with soft tailoring.

Wear it together with a pair washed denim for a soft elegant look or together with a dark blur fresco suit for a soft tailored look. The knitted crew neck guarantees that you will stay stylish and extremely comfortable whenever. It’s rich texture provides a lot of versatility, making it a staple in the modern man’s wardrobe. The yarn used is a superfine 1-ply merino quality (naturally resistant to stains, oils and odeur), from Italian weaver Tollegno, perfect for all year round layering, yet still thin and breathable enough for summertime usage. Our knitwear is produced in a small, family-owned Italian mill with decades of craftsmanship experience, all while combining it with 3D knitting technology which creates a refined, seamless look. The fabric is a part of our Essential collection and is best described as your ‘go-to pieces’ or wardrobe staples. This does not mean the products and fabrics are any less exclusive, on the contrary – an exclusive fabric, to us, is one that truly serves a purpose and manages to withstand the test of time.

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Taking proper care of your merino wool garments will increase the lifespan and maintain the beautiful attributes of the yarn. Since animal fibers, like wool and cashmere, are naturally resistant to stains, odor and grease, they do not need washing very often. Washing less will help the garment last longer and is more environmentally friendly too. Taking care of your cashmere garments is actually easier than you might think.


Care instructions:

– Keep dry-cleaning to a minimum. The dry-cleaning process is tiring for the merino wool garments and will decrease the lifespan. Washing your garments at home is better for your garments, and the environment.

– Hang your merino wool garments out after wearing them and let them air, preferably overnight.

– Use a wool program or hand wash program when washing. This is a gentler program to avoid shrinkage. Do not wash in temperatures over 30°C.

– Fill the laundry machine to 50%. It is fine to mix textiles but keep in mind that the wool or hand wash program is not effective on heavily soiled garments.

– Between uses, keep your merino wool garments folded. Knitwear should not be stored on a hanger as this can stretch the garment out of shape.

– Spray cedar oil, or keep cedar blocks, in the drawer to keep moths and woodpeckers away.

– In the early stages of the use of the garment, it’s normal for knitwear to produce excess fiber or ‘pilling’. After two or three washes the material will settle. Manually remove any pilling carefully with our wool comb.


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