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Jeans washed 13oz selvedge blue

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A proper Sloane Ranger will always inspire us. The Sloane Ranger style is a uniform, effortless, and unambitious although sophisticated one. Denims might be the crown jewel in the interpretations of this style, but they have to be just right. What you want is a high waist, straight cut and patinated (wash) from the frequent jumping in and out of your ’96 Volvo XC as you parry city and country life.  

Our Sloane jeans are hand made in Veneto, Italy, from a perfectly balanced 13oz selvedge denim fabric, washed carefully to perfection in order to create a soft and worn feel all while keeping a nice shape. Wear and tear them with literally most garments in your wardrobe.  

The Sloane jeans are available as Signature made (ready to wear) and Custom made (made to measure) online and in our showroom.   

Three things we would wear with our Sloane jeans; 

  • Icon pure cashmere raglan crewneck 
  • Perennial Oxford shirt (heavily patinated) or Standard issue piquet shirt 
  • Inherited Barbour jacket 


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To get a look and feel of the fabric used in this product use "Feel the fabric" to order a sample.

Care instruction: Don’t wash your denim more often than necessary. We recommend washing your jeans only when it is dirty. Use a steamer gently to remove wrinkles and odors.

Take care of your garment:

  • Wash your jeans in the right temperature. We recommend maximum 30°C.
  • Let your jeans dry flat. We don’t recommend tumble drying.

For general guidance regarding garment care, make sure to read our article Clothing care here

8 reviews for Jeans washed 13oz selvedge blue

  1. majo95

    Väldigt nöjd!

  2. David S

    Lyckat resultat när jag beställde dessa med mått från online-verktyget! Skönt tyg som inte upplevdes för ”stelt” trots 100% bomull.

  3. SimonP

    Väldigt nöjd med både uppmätning och resultat!

  4. WilliamElmgren

    Kan vara den mest mångsidiga och snyggaste modellen hittills. Är inne på 3:e paret denim från Blugiallo – finns inget annat. Kan starkt rekommendera.

  5. RoyA

    Kan inget annat än att rekommendera dessa jeans, funkar såväl till t-shirt som till en uddakavaj!

  6. Robert Marshall

    I have always have trouble finding the perfect fit for denims since I’m quite built (former football player). Then I tried Blugiallo and their online measuring tool and I’ve never worn anything like it before. The fit was spot on and I can finally wear denims that fit me perfect!

  7. MikkoMak

    Det mest bekväma och snyggaste paret jeans jag ägt helt enkelt. Hade lite frågetecken kring färgen på sömmarna och som vanligt var servicen i toppklass.

  8. louispuma4

    Great pair of jeans, probably the best I have ever worn. The fit is not too loose or too tight, but “just right”! The color is a timeless blue that will always go with anything. I am happy with the high waist, which offers a more classic look in contrast to the modern low waist styles.

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