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Jacket flannel mid grey


Collection Perennials
Fabric quality 100% Wool, 280gr
Fabric code FLN005
Garment construction Sewn half canvas
Estimated delivery 5-6 weeks
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Care instruction: Leave your garment out to air dry. Avoid dry cleaning since it will damage the fibers and shorten the lifespan of your wool garment. Dry clean only when noticeable stains. Use a steamer gently to remove wrinkles.

 Take care of your garment:

  • Use a proper hanger. A good hanger will retain its shape.
  • Let your garment rest – preferably 24 hours after wearing
  • Brush your wool garment once in a while to remove deep rooted dust
  • Rotating with garments in your wardrobe to maintain its durability

For general guidance regarding garment care, make sure to read our article Clothing care here

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Custom tailored jacket mid grey flannel selected for its rich texture and soft feel. Our well balanced flannel carefully sourced from the province of Biella is textured and has a mate finish which makes it versatile and easy to combine. Due to the weight of the Italian flannel it is more suited for usage during the autumn and spring, as well as the winter. Wear it with a sweater in cashmere silk together with a pair of off white heavy cotton trousers for a perfect casual look. Wear it as full suit with the mid grey flannel trousers.  The custom tailored flannel jackets is a must have in any modern mans wardrobe, and this mid grey one is no exception. This does not mean the products and fabrics are any less exclusive, on the contrary – an exclusive fabric, to us, is one that truly serves a purpose and manages to withstand the test of time.

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6 reviews for Jacket flannel mid grey

  1. B.Carter

    Perfect fabric, color and fit. Needless to say I am satisfied!

  2. Sören Bengtsson

    The flannel fabric isn’t too heavy which I really like. I wear this jacket at least once a week.

  3. A.Davies

    Perfect weight, beautiful drape, and an amazing fit! Excellent service and easy process, 10/10.

  4. D.Savoy

    Highly recommend it, I already have it in two colors! 🙂

  5. LittleLord

    A jacket that never goes out of style. Soft and comfortable to wear.

  6. Oscar Bergqvist

    I bought this jacket to wear it with my black pants.
    Wore it to a date and it was a success! 😉

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More on our mid grey flannel jacket

Our mid grey flannel jacket is an absolute staple piece in the fall winter wardrobe. It is selected for its rich texture and soft feel. This well balanced flannel is carefully sourced from the province of Biella in the north of Italy. The texture and matte surface makes it highly versatile and easy to combine. We choose to work with Italian flannels due to the mid weight quality and the weight of 285gr in this flannel jacket makes it suitable for 3 season use during the colder months.

Flannel is often associated with the heavier British qualities from mills such as Hardy Minnis, which we wear and enjoy as well, but they are more often than not too warm for everyday use. This is why we prefer the Italian interpretation of flannel where you still get the beautiful drape and soft feel, but without the risk of getting too warm on your way to work.

To get the most out of your flannel jacket we recommend that you design it with either a jet, or patch pocket. Both these types of pockets have a great ability to transcend between different levels of formality depending on the rest of the outfit. Furthermore, a 2,5 button closure with wide lapels will complement the jacket very well. In this way the jacket makes for a stunning piece of tailoring and can be worn both as an outerwear piece as well as indoors. The custom tailored flannel jacket is a must have in any modern mans wardrobe, and this mid grey one is no exception.

We like to wear this jacket in more casual settings in combination with denim and odd trousers. Preferably with a piece of custom tailored knitwear underneath. It works best in combination with darker colors in shades of blue, brown and grey, as well as lighter earthier tones. The mid grey flannel jacket is perhaps the most versatile jacket when it comes to wearability and color matching. Our favorite outfit to wear this jacket with consists of a sand colored polo, dark blue denim and a pair of brown suede loafers. Alternately, pair it with a midnight blue roll neck and the complementing suit trouser for a more dressed up evening look.

Getting a flannel jacket that is totally made after your needs and preferences will change the way you view clothing! The grey flannel jacket is a perfect way to start. It is a great building block for your future wardrobe and will serve you well during many years to come!